Vic and Sau lake day trip

Just 1h30 from Barcelona, Vic is another place to visit perfect for a weekend or a day trip. If you love nature, especially kayak may be the best option is to rent it and visit the Sau lake. Nature, picnic, roman ruins what do you want more? Catalonia offers wonderful landscapes, discover it in my section.


Market square
Market square


Vic’s location is 69 km from Barcelona and 60 km from GironaVic is of ancient origin.  The Visigoths called it Ausona, sewage caps on sidewalks around the city will also read “Vich”, an old form of the name. Nowadays Vic is famous for strongly believing in the independence of Catalonia.

Don’t miss the Square, the Roman Temple, and the Stone Bridge. Parking is very easy, on Sunday public parking is free.


Roman Temple
Roman Temple

This city is pretty known for the Medieval festival, usually the first weekend of December. Street markets, wines, medieval shows, and a lot of people from all over the country. Free entry and 4 days from 10 am to 8 pm. Along the way, visitors will find recreations of medieval trades, where master craftsmen show the different techniques of handicraft work. There is also room for a space dedicated exclusively to the sale of Christmas products, the space is already Christmas in the Middle Ages!

If you want to stay the night in the area I suggest the Mas Albereda hotel (170€ room/night with a spectacular breakfast).


Vic Cathedral's
Vic Cathedral’s


The Pantano de Sau or Sau lake hides under its waters a precious secret. Every season when its flow decreases, little by little the old town of San Román de Sau emerges, considered one of the jewels of the sunken towns of Spain.

Getting to the reservoir is very simple, you just have to take the C-17 road towards Vic from Barcelona and then take the detour to Vilanova de Sau. Once in town, follow the signs that point the way to the swamp. Kayak lover? This is your place, we rent a kayak (with a guide) for 20€, 2h tour. Check KayakSau webpage. It was really amazing, however, the water was so high so we miss the chance to see the church, just a short part of the tower bell.


Kayak trip
Kayak trip

One of the most beautiful monasteries in the area is Sant Pere Casseres, which occupies a kind of peninsula that goes into the swamp, a Benedictine monastery that has until recently preserved the mummified remains of a child that popular tradition attributes to the son of the Viscounts of Cardona.


Mas Albereda is a restored stone farmhouse set in the Catalonian countryside, 4.3km from Vic city. The gastronomic hotel of the famous Michelin chef Nandu Jubany is located at Sant Julià de Vilatorta. A special and relaxing weekend is waiting for you in one of the most beautiful spot of this region. Book at the Mas Albereda hotel.

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