Montseny day trip

Montseny is one of the most popular excursions in the province of Barcelona. Just 1h30 from the city the Montseny park offers trekking of all levels, a beautiful panorama, a perfect day for friends or family. The perfect season to visit it it’s autumn, his beautiful colors are one of the best shoots in Catalonia panorama.



Montseny park is accessible only by car, there is no means of transport. This allows flexibility for those who visit the park taking into consideration that the (free) parking spaces are not very large. There are many areas you will have to choose if you decide to visit the park in one day.


Pantano de Santa Fe
Pantano de Santa Fe


The best-known point is the Pantano de Santa Fe, to reach it from the parking lot it is 20min of a very easy path. There are 3 difficulty levels to get around the pond, the first route is 5km, the second 10km and the third 20km, to be noted that the distances distinguish them and not the physical difficulty, they are all very easy to follow.

The best time to visit Montseny is late autumn (mid-November) or spring (mid-April). I sincerely recommend autumn for its beautiful colors. In summer it is recommended for trekking not for the sight since normally the quagmire is dry.



Where to eat is very important, there are various restaurants in the area but I advise you not to choose at the last minute. If you are planning an excursion, it is important to book your restaurant in time for lunch.

Here you can taste the real Catalan food, you can try pork feet or sausage with beans, they are my favorite dishes. My favorite restaurant in this area is the Avet Blau Hostal Restaurant, typical dishes at a great price. Another option is the picnic, many families in the summer organize themselves for a picnic by the pond. There are areas equipped with tables and benches but always remember that BBQs are prohibited. 

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