Christmas time in Bern

Switzerland is one of the top destinations for those who love Christmas, today we talk about Christmas time in Bern. Christmas markets, ice rinks, and chalets to eat make theContinue reading

Christmas time in London

London is second to none when it comes to Christmas, lights, markets and the winter wonderland of Hyde Park, today we talk about Christmas time in London. One of theContinue reading

Christmas time in Colmar

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Christmas time in Aosta

Aosta is a small city, located in the northwest part of Italy, at the foot of the Alps and its beautiful mountains. Visiting this city in winter has its charmContinue reading

Christmas time in Ghent

Christmas time in Ghent under its green winter blanket is one of the best options to spend your Christmas holidays in Belgium. The whole neighborhood gets out its Christmas decorations.Continue reading

Christmas time in Milan

Christmas time in Milan is one of the most beautiful events, the lights, the markets transform this city in a shining diamond. With the inauguration of the trees in theContinue reading

Christmas time in Bruges

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Christmas time in Luxembourg

Christmas time in Luxembourg is magic, a small but welcoming city that decorates the streets with a beautiful Christmas atmosphere. Luxembourg is not a very large European capital but forContinue reading

Christmas time in Oslo

I really like visiting the cities of Northern Europe at Christmas time, the atmosphere is different and the cold is not so unbearable. Christmas time in Oslo is very magical,Continue reading

Christmas time in Montpellier

One of the most romantic French cities, from December onwards, Christmas time in Montpellier is unmissable. Montpellier is located in the south of France, in the Occitania region, crossed byContinue reading