Renting a boat in Costa Brava

Visit Costa Brava is one of the most beautiful trips that you can do it in Catalonia and Spain. So Savage, so blue and very fancy, but have you ever renting a boat in Costa Brava? I do, so here some tips to make it possible. Not the cheapest option but affordable if you are more than 4 people.




There is more than one harbor to visit Costa Brava by boat, the most famous are: Palamos, Roses, and Empuriabrava. We choose Empuriabrava because the is the best option to stay at the Cap de Creus area.

The Dream Yacht Charter was the company that we choose and more or less for 6 people we paid:

  • 700€ Renting the boat
  • 122€ Gasoil for 48hours

If exist any option to rent or take with you a paddle surf, do not hesitate, it’s very important to reach the beach wherever you want.


The advantage of renting a boat in Costa Brava is the opportunity to see places that by car you can’t see. Cap de Creus is the best option, here my top 5:

  1. Cala Fredosa
  2. Cala Rostella
  3. Cala La Pelosa
  4. Racó de Sant Pere
  5. Cala Jugadora


Cala La Pelosa
Cala La Pelosa


This option is perfect if you want to enjoy 100% of the experience. Just some tips:

  • try to stay as close as possible at the beach
  • tie the boat to a buoy
  • take some Biodramina pill to avoid  seasickness
  • take with you some blankets, night are very cold


Cala Canadell
Cala Canadell


I normally prefer this option, you don’t know how will be the weather, however, isn’t romantic compare to the boat. I recommend this option Cala Joncols hotel the view is beautiful and the restaurant is very good. There is a taxi service that can take you from the boat to the hotel, is very easy and free.

Another option is sleeping in a tent, a saw a lot on the beach, and maybe is not so comfortable (due to the rocks) but for me, is better than a boat bed. I think is for free, especially if you have park the boat closely.


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