Zaragoza day trip: Aragon region

The capital of the Aragon region has a lot to offer, today we are talking about the Zaragoza day trip. The city of Zaragoza is perhaps not very famous in terms of tourism, so it is surprising to visit it. The 12th of October is the festival of the Pilar, dedicated to the saint of the city, one of the most important festivals in Spain.


Aljaferia Palace
Aljaferia Palace


Zaragoza has an airport a few km from the center. The companies that use this airport are Vueling, Iberia, Ryanair, and Wizzair. The 604 bus in 40 minutes will take you to Puerta del Carmen 5 minutes walk from the old quarter.

From Barcelona and Madrid, there is the possibility of taking an AVE (high speed) train which is usually very expensive, but it is only 1h20 travel. There are other slightly cheaper regional trains, your journey will last 2h30. Or you can take a bus, with the company ALSA or Flixbus from both cities they are 4 hours away (I do not recommend doing it in the day).

From Logroño, there are various regional trains (ALVIA or Intercity), journey time 1h50.


Basilica del Pilar
Basilica del Pilar


Zaragoza is easily visited in one day, but being so beautiful I recommend you to sleep at least one night. As I said the 12th of October is the Pilar day, so due to the celebration of the Saint the city is so funny and more attractive. About the visit, those are the top 5 of the city:

  1. Basilica del Pilar: an enormous church dedicated to Saint Pilar.
  2. Aljaferia Palace: an amazing fortified medieval Islamic palace built during the second half of the 11th century. You must visit it, very similar at the Alhambra.
  3. The Goya statue: the famous painter was born in Zaragoza and is right in front of the Cathedral of Zaragoza.
  4. IAACC Pablo Serrano: a museum of modern art, a beautiful architecture inside and outside.
  5. The stone bridge: where you can take beautiful photos of the Pilar church.


Pilar square
Pilar square


Puerta Cinegia in Plaza España (up the escalators): It is a place that has many stalls of different bars and restaurants with all kinds of food. You go to the one you like best and take the food to the table. I really like the risottos of the position that is at the bottom on the right (BuleBar) that prepare them at the moment (do not choose the paella that they have already prepared at the counter).

Meli del Tubo (Behind Puerta Cinegia): They have tapas that are like mini dishes that prepare them at the moment and are very good. You can eat for just 15€ per person.


Central market (tempraly closed)
Central market (temporarily closed)


Zurita Street arriving at Plaza de los Sites: There are several gastro bars together that are very good and quite cool (Smooth, Carníboro, Garbo Gentlebar …) It is usually better to call before going because they fill up the days.

Bokoto: Very cool and very good Japanese. The best in terms of Japanese cuisine in Zaragoza.

Cierzo Brewing Co: If you like beer, here you have craft beers of many types that I think they make themselves.

Calamar bravo: This is a place that specializes in squid sandwiches that are very good and is very typical in Zaragoza. But that, only if you are a fan of the squid sandwich, if not, it is not worth going.

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