Christmas time in Trento

Along with winter, the time comes for Trent to put on the dress of celebration, or rather of the Holidays! Christmas time in Trento and offers you, along with the typical Markets, many initiatives spread throughout the city. Whether you want to accompany children to the many workshops in the Enchanted Village or ride the amazing Ferris wheel, in Dante Square you won’t be left empty-mouthed, thanks to the stands of delicacies Christmas. Piazza S. Maria Maggiore will welcome you with the Nativity scene, in the Albere district the skating rink will provide smiles and fun. From the 19 December to 8 of January.

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Piazza fiera
Piazza fiera


Among the squares and streets the scent is that of wood, of mountains, of cinnamon and mulled wine, of the large Christmas fir tree in Piazza Duomo festively decorated, and the lights from downtown to Monte Bondone that immerse us in a magical atmosphere, you can then get on on the little train, young and old. A tradition that from this year, to the white of Christmas juxtaposes the green of sustainability: so much the lights that will brighten your walks, as well as the toy train, will have an ecological footprint, reducing their own consumption.


Piazza Cesare Battisti
Piazza Cesare Battisti


Silent protagonist of Trentino Christmas is light, which from this year will be wearing a new and more current guise. All the light decorations, will in fact be marked by energy-saving energy: they will be lit from 5 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. (a decrease in operating hours by at least 15 percent compared to 2021) and will be energy-efficient LEDs.

The ecological revolution will not only affect the luminaries suspended, but also the majestic Christmas tree, which will make a beautiful display, shining in the middle of Cathedral Square. Also in Cathedral Square, during the Festive season the traditional lighting will be replaced by a photomapping system.


Christmas train
Christmas train

The projection of luminous decorations on the facades of the buildings and the Duomo, will envelop the square in a warm and elegant light, giving it an enchanted atmosphere while reducing the consumption of energy. The photomapping will highlight the beauty of the Duomo and the square that surrounds it, allowing those who will walk through it to appreciate its architectural details even in the evening hours.

Be careful, however, because if you want to take a photo in this wonderful location you will have to sweat it out: at the base of the Civic Tower you will find a lighted selfie station, but to turn it on you will have to be you, pedaling on the bicycles to it connected


Christmas is everyone’s holiday, the celebration of hope and the desire to be together. And Trent, we know, has always been always its “capital,” the city where everything, from lights to colors, from scents to sounds, takes on a unique meaning.

Now in its 28th year, the traditional Mercatino is ready to welcome its visitors to celebrate as it should must the most beloved holiday. One only has to wander in to perceive everything: the scent of wood, the aroma of mountains, cinnamon and of mulled wine. The ideal embrace of the large fir tree decorated in festively in Cathedral Square. And then the colors, those of the little houses and those of the illuminated streets of the historic center.



Epicenters of the event, Piazza Fiera and Piazza Battisti host the traditional Christmas cottages, 75 locations that offer themselves as showcases of local crafts and culinary specialties regional specialties. It is here that the intriguing journey on the roads of tradition and creativity of a fine craftsmanship capable of continuous renewal. It is here that visitors get pleasantly lost among ornate pendants and pendants, ornaments, wooden and ceramic saplings, angels and cribs in miniature, leather goods and clothing, handcrafted jewelry and surprising natural cosmetic products. The stands offer culinary specialties for all tastes: creations sweet and savory for tourists and sportsmen returning from a day of recreation on the snows of Mount Bondone, which rises, very close on the edge of the city.



Christmas markets are the perfect opportunity to find the right gifts to put under the tree While enjoying warm and hearty dishes and sweets of all kinds, these are the typical¬†Christmas food at Christmas markets. What to try. Lots of German-style products, after all, the tradition of the markets originated there, hot and sugary drinks, as well as an array of irresistible sweets. Read more…

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