The 10 best temples in Kyoto

Are you ready to discover the 10 best temples in Kyoto? Because there are over 1600 temples in Kyoto, choosing a few to see on a short visit to the city can be a daunting task. I can only recommend those I have been to, but consider those are the most visited. Check my 15 days itinerary in Japan to know everything about my Japanese trip.




Kinkaku-Ji also called the Gold Temple one of the most visited temples in Kyoto, in fact, one of the most beautiful. To reach it you can take various direct buses from Kyoto Station, while from Gojo station you have to take the subway and a bus.

Kiyomizu-Dera is sincerely one of the ones I liked the most, you have to walk a bit but it’s worth it. UNESCO heritage, and also one of the finalists for the seven wonders of the modern world. The name derives from the waterfall inside the complex, which flows from the nearby hills. Kiyomizu means “clean water”.



Ginkaku-Ji or called the “Silver Time”. In addition to the famous temple building, the structure features tree-lined grounds covered with a variety of mosses. The Japanese garden, apparently designed by the great landscape artist Sōami, is beautiful.

Kifune-Jinja Shrine looks a lot like the Inari Shrine (read the post on Inari Shrine), but much smaller. The walk is very beautiful but lasts more than an hour if you don’t want to find many people better in the early morning or late afternoon. The sanctuary can be reached by train and then by bus or on foot. Take the Keihan line to Demachiyanagi station and change to the Eizan Dentetsu line. Get off at Kibune-Guchi station. From there, there is a 20-minute walk along the Kibune road. Some buses go from the station to the city.




Byōdō-in is located far south of the city, I sincerely recommend you either before visiting Nara or visiting it on the same day as the Inari Shrine. They are currently restoring it so it is not possible to enter inside.

is located in the city center, it is very easy and quick to visit. I especially recommend it for the street food that you find inside, take a look at the Kyoto food guide.

Tō-Ji is a temple that can give you beautiful photos, I sincerely do not recommend going inside for sobriety. The same goes for the Hōkanji Temple, which is the same tall and dark wooden temple mode.


Yasaka Temple
Yasaka Temple


Yasaka Shrine Free 24 hour
Kinkakuji 400 yen 9:00 – 17:00
Ginkakuji 500 yen 8:30 – 17:00
Fushimi Inari-Taisha Free 24hour
Tō-Ji 500 yen 8:00 – 17:00
Hōkanji Temple Free 24hour
Byodo-in 600 yen 8:30 – 17:00
Kifune-Jinja Shrine Free 6:30 – 19:00
Heian Jingu Free (600 yen gardens) 6:00 – 18:00
Kiyomizudera 300 yen 6:00 – 18:00



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