Top 5 cafés in Vienna

Visiting some of Vienna’s best cafés is something of a must on any trip to the capital of Austria this is my Top 5 cafés in Vienna. Of course, coffee is not an Austrian invention, far from it. However, it was through Vienna that coffee entered the West. This was due to the fact that after the second siege of Vienna by the Ottoman troops, these troops had smuggled some large sacks of coffee to the capital of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Don’t forget the 3days Vienna itinerary!

This is how the Viennese began to consume coffee. But the truth is that if today we can visit some of the best cafés in Vienna, it is not only because of that neglect by the Turks, but because the Viennese took the art of making coffee and enjoying it to another level.




There is plenty to discover and to marvel at the museum. The Café-Restaurant in the beautiful dome hall of the museum is perfect for a short break.

The elegant interior with its comfortable sofas is a great place to while away the time. From the high tables by the window you have a magnificent view of Maria-Theresien-Platz. Treat yourself to our delicious and traditional specialities. Expect the best Viennese coffee house tradition of the highest quality!


Café Sacher is not only one of the best cafés in Vienna, but also the best-known in the world. And this is not because of the coffee, but because of its famous cake, which has been copied ad nauseam. The truth is that the Café Sacher is something like a great monument, with its nineteenth-century rooms that will delight visitors.

It is located a stone’s throw from the Vienna State Opera and you will probably have to queue to get in. Of course, it is one of the great myths of Vienna, so I advise you not to miss it.


Another of Vienna’s best cafés is Café Central. Perhaps, architecturally, it is the most beautiful of all. It is located on a first floor supported by large columns and pointed arches, as if it were a great Gothic temple.

It was inaugurated in 1876 and has been a gathering place for literati, politicians and scholars. A good idea may be to go here at lunchtime, as you have the opportunity to order a menu of about 12 euros, consisting of 2 courses. Drinks and desserts are not included, of course. However, a coffee with a cake will easily cost you 8 or 10 euros.



Demel is not only one of Vienna’s best cafés. It is also one of the most famous pastry shops in Europe, whose history goes back almost 240 years.

If in the Sacher you have to taste the Sacher Cake, here you have to try the Demel Cake, with chocolate and nuts. I assure you that it is a real delight. Of course, between the cake and coffee it will cost you more than 10 euros. Demel is located on Kohlmarkt street, a stone’s throw from the Hofburg, so it can be a perfect stop on the way after visiting the Imperial Palace of the Habsburgs.


Although these are the 4 best cafes in Vienna, the truth is that there are hundreds that you will be able to find during your visit. The Landtmann, with its excellent pastries, in Art Nouveau style, are other great cafés in Vienna that will delight all those who visit them. The Viennese go to these cafés to spend the afternoon and not only to have coffee and get up. That is to say, when you go to some of the best cafés in Vienna, do not have any problem staying there for more than an hour, enjoying the moment.

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