Reykjavik: discover the coldest capital of Europe

The city of Reykjavik is one of the most beautiful capitals I have ever seen, (along with Copenhagen). I like these cities that despite being in the north with a cold climate it’s a city full of colors. Reykjavik is a modern (not architectural), and full-of-life city. In the last post I explained how to organize a trip to Iceland (car rental, hotels, itineraries etc), today we visit the capital.


Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center
Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center


Reykjavik Airport (KEF) is located 48km from the city center, to get to the center there is a bus service. The round trip costs 5.500 ISK, more or less 45 €, it is very expensive, but if you do not have a rental car is the only option you have. In 45min you will be at the airport, more information and reservations here! Once in the city center you can walk around the city, it is not very big.

TIPS TIME!! Restaurants, attractions, and supermarkets accept credit/debit card, I didn’t change any money to stay 2 days in the city.


Sólfarið - Sun Voyager
Sólfarið – Sun Voyager


Sleeping in Reykjavik is just as expensive, unfortunately, compared to the European average, Iceland is also high-priced to the Nordics themselves. I suggest you choose something in the center, a hostel can cost about € 50 per night/person, and the rooms are from 6 to 20 beds. I chose the Circle hostel, the building is still in good condition but the rooms are mixed.


Perlan terrace
Perlan terrace


The city offers a lot but you have to look, personally, I liked it very much for this too. I give you a list of the main attractions of the city. Reykjavik Tourist Bus? Here!

  1. Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center
  2. Reykjavík City Hall
  3. Reykjavík free tour = make the reservation
  4. Sólfarið – Sun Voyager = the famous Viking boat
  5. Hallgrimskirkja = the cathedral
  6. Hljómskálagarður = public park
  7. Perlan = by walk isn’t so far from the city, and go to the terrace
  8. Laugardalslaug = public swimming pool
  9. Blue Lagoon
  10. Hólavallagarður = the cemetery, I love to visit cemeteries

Are you obsessed with graffiti and street art like me? I have prepared a post on the graffiti of Reykjavík just for you.



Now where you wanna go?

Reykjavik (and his graffiti),
Blue Lagoon,
Golden Circle,
Glaciers of Iceland,

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