The North of Iceland: explore the last part of the island

The last part of our journey takes us to the North of Iceland, among fjords, whales watching and natural baths. After crossing the Golden Circle, the South, the Glaciers area, only the northern part of the island remains to discover.

Many decide not to go to the north, due to lack of time or simply because it is a less touristy area. With my 10 days, I have decided to go around the island even if I have to say that the north offers, touristic speaking, much less of the south.

Jökulsárgljúfur National Park
Jökulsárgljúfur National Park


In this chapter, we will pass by Dettifoss waterfall, Húsavík, Godafoss Waterfall, Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall, and Myvatn. For those wishing to visit the western part of the island, I recommend staying at least 14 days, since the part of the fjords is more difficult to reach. Always leave at least 1/2 days to visit Reykjavik, it’s really worth it.


Dettifoss waterfall
Dettifoss waterfall


Dettifoss waterfall is a waterfall located in the Jökulsárgljúfur National Park, not far from Lake Mývatn. It is considered the most powerful waterfall in Europe, 44 meters high and 100 meters wide, to see it live is impressive. To get there you need to park the car 15min walk from the waterfall, the path can be a bit uncomfortable if it rains.

MOVIE TIME! The waterfall was used in the opening scenes of the 2012 film Prometheus where a humanoid extraterrestrial is seen creating life.






Myvatn is the 4 largest lake in Iceland, situated in an extremely volcanic area, and has seen nine eruptions from 1975 to 1984. Famous for the number of birds that inhabit this area and the (natural) thermal springs. The difference between these and the Blue Lagoon is that Myvatn is cheaper and less touristy, from personal experience I can not say which is the best since I’ve only been to the Blue Lagoon. Check this tour around the Lake!


Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon


Godafoss and Aldeyjarfoss Waterfall, are two beautiful waterfalls south of Lake Myvatn, I did not have more time available I had to skip these two stages.


Húsavík is the quintessential port of Iceland, from where boats leave every day to admire the beautiful whales that populate this area. Húsavík is a quiet and quite touristy village, I recommend you stay here one night (no more).

Whale watching, however, start from € 80. The boat ride is 3 hours, includes a small snack. I sincerely recommend to people with sensitive stomach do NOT do this excursion, it is the open sea that is always moved and the boat shakes a lot (I was sick 2/3 hours ride).

Whale watching
Whale watching


Now where you wanna go?

Reykjavik (and his graffiti),
Blue Lagoon,
Golden Circle,
Glaciers of Iceland.

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