5 Things to know about California

Since my last trip to California, I have learned many things, so in this post, I will tell you 5 things to know about California. Some curious, others only clarification on the usual customs and traditions of this country, we will touch on interesting topics as if shopping is really worthwhile or where you can smoke. If you plan to visit California you will find this post really interesting, or at least I hope.


  1. Tipping
  2. Time for Lunch and dinner
  3. Where I can smoke
  4. Do shopping
  5. Prepare the suitcase




After a good brunch or a good dinner at the restaurant, the most complicated moment arrives, at least for us Europeans. How much tip do I leave? As many know the minimum is 20% of the total bill. Let’s go back to the bill, normally they are two receipts to the table, one with a total of lunch/dinner and another with some fields to fill. First field “Tips” where we write the % that we want to leave, the second one “Total” included lunch plus tips.

Restaurants usually when they bring you the receipt have already charge your card, (for security reasons). The receipts including tips will be charged a few days later. So I have two charges for the same lunch? Yes, but do not worry within a week will unlock the first charge.


Brunch at the Plow
Brunch at the Plow


After a long day visiting and walking the only thing you want is to enjoy a good dinner, but at what time? From what I have noticed, for lunch, there is not an established time, especially if you are planning a brunch. While dinner times are more set, dinner can start at around 6 pm, but do not be surprised to see queues outside the restaurants at 5 pm.


Boudin Bakery
Boudin Bakery


Another very important question, is it here I can smoke? No smoking allowed in enclosed spaces, in the terraces of bars/restaurants and even a few miles from commercial activities. In 2017, Gov. Jerry Brown vetoed a bill that would have banned smoking in all state parks and beaches. Today, California cities are still leading the way in many anti-smoking campaigns, including smoking bans on sidewalks.


Usually, the first thing they ask you when you go to the States is if you went shopping. In my case, it was a “No”, and I assure you that I have seen a couple of outlets but it is not really worth it.

In California and throughout the eastern part of the country there is an exception in many sectors, including the fashion industry, unfortunately. Buying is not so convenient, the prices of fact on Converse or Nike brands are not profitable even in outlets.


San Francisco Premium Outlets
San Francisco Premium Outlets


The suitcase is important, obviously, California is not a country where Primark or Zara do not exist, but getting prepared will save you time. If you have chosen to travel around California, there are big differences in temperature. Where in Los Angeles you’re out in flip-flops and short dress in San Francisco you’ll have a leather jacket with maybe a light scarf.

Your trip includes a walk in the Yosemite park, then you must also consider sportswear, without exaggerating, sneakers are fine. For San Francisco, you will need heavier clothing, remove a dozen degrees at the temperature of Los Angeles or San Diego. In this city, there is always wind, especially the north coast area, try to get prepared.




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