5 Days in Sicily: itinerary and tips

Sicily is the largest island in Italy, a region famous not only for its beaches and crystal clear water but also rich in UNESCO heritage to envy the world. Unfortunately, 5 days in Sicily you can not see everything, the tour that I show you will be from east to west, it means from Catania to Palermo.

After having explained how to get to Sicily and how to move inside the island we start with our tour.



Craters of Etna
Craters of Etna



Arrival in Catania, once you get the car we head into the city, which is 20min from the airport to leave the suitcases, and leave immediately for our adventure on Etna.

UNESCO heritage site, the Etna volcano is an active volcano that can be visited at any time of the year. You have two options to visit or take a guide or on your own. I had opted for a Tour Guide at € 54 / person just for online reservations.

Honestly, I do not recommend it not for the price, because visit the Crateri Silvestri and the park is free. In the southern square of Etna, there are also souvenir shops, restaurants, and the Etna cableway station. Here you can buy a ticket for the cable car only (per r/2017: € 30) that will bring up to about 2500 m altitude or an integrated cable car ticket + off-road bus that will accompany up to 2900 m altitude (per r/2017:€ 60).


Etna Volcano
Etna Volcano


On the second day, we dedicate it to one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, passing through the central square, the Cathedral, the Elephant Fountain, and then follow up to the Teatro Massimo Bellini and its gardens and stop at Pasticceria Savia, one of the most famous in the city.


Pasticceria Savia, Catania
Pasticceria Savia, Catania


The third day we leave for Taormina, 55km from Catania, I recommend you stay at least one day because there are various places to visit, in the evening take a ride downtown, the beautiful Italian life will thrill you.


Via Pirandello, Taormina
Via Pirandello, Taormina

For accommodation, if you are a group of 4/5 people I recommend a Hostel where I stayed, it’s cheap, clean and you have the option to share the room or not.


  1. Taormina Theater
  2. Isola Bella = from the beginning of May you can take a bath
  3. Via Pirandello = the view of Isola Bella is awesome
  4. Castle of Taormina
  5. Messina’s door
  6. Gardens of the municipal villa
  7. Blue Cave
  8. Cathedral
  9. Badia old
  10. Catania’s door

From Messina, you can book different tours:


We continue our journey and at 218km from Taormina, we arrive at Cefalú. You can find traffic in the area of Messina as it is the port from where the daily ferries arrive, I suggest you leave early in the morning.



Once you have arrived enjoy the sea, I recommend going to the Lido Peter Pan, the station area, it is easier to find parking and the beach is less crowded, there is both a public part and a private one with umbrellas.

Before the sunset starts take place at the old port of Cefalú and enjoy the show, then you can also go to dinner in one of the small streets that surround the old town and then end up drinking something in the Dom plaza.



Departing for Palermo, but before, to get to the city we pass by the Tonnara di Scopello, a corner of paradise 75 km from the Sicilian capital. To enter this beach you pay both parking (€ 5) and entry (€ 3 / person). But it is absolutely worth it.

Then we leave for Palermo, take one day or half for walking around the city. Here is the tour with free cancellation!


Tonnara di Scopello
Tonnara di Scopello


  1. Cathedral
  2. Palazzo Normanni
  3. Pretoria fountain
  4. Cathedral of Monreale
  5. Quattro canzoni palace
  6. Palazzo Zisa
  7. Botanical Garden
  8. Catacombs of Ossuna gate
  9. Cuba Palace
  10. Villa Palagonia



To go to the airport, which is located at 31km, always leave a couple of hours before the flight, especially if you have to bring the car back, there is always enough traffic.

I hope have you enjoy the post “5 Days in Sicily” and find something useful, see you on the next trip… 🙂

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