10 Best beaches in Fuerteventura

An island with more than 150 km of white sand beaches and turquoise waters, where you will discover immense natural landscapes this is my 10 Best beaches in Fuerteventura. A place to practice endless activities in the best conditions.

10 Best beaches in Fuerteventura

From north to south, from El Cotillo to the Jandia peninsula (a huge beach in itself), the island of Fuerteventura offers endless possibilities that have nothing to envy to the paradisiacal images of the Caribbean that have been engraved in the collective imagination. Unlike the westernmost islands, here the black volcanic sand gives way to fine yellow dust that evokes the nearby Sahara desert. Read 4 days in Fuerteventura.

  1. Corralejo
  2. Sotavento
  3. La Concha (Islet of Lobos)
  4. Puertito de Lobos (Islet of Lobos)
  5. Cofete
  6. Costa Calma
  7. Gran Tarajal
  8. Esquinzo
  9. La Concha and its thousand lakes
  10. Solana del Matorral




1. Great Beaches of Corralejo

The Great Beaches are, with the Natural Park, the soul of the tourist locality of Corralejo.

The set of the great beaches of Corralejo, in the north of the island, in the municipality of La Oliva, will delight the most demanding tourist. It is a series of beaches and coves, of fine golden sand and transparent waters and greenish tones, which, dotted with beach bars, offer places for everyone: from families with children to lovers of water sports. The town of Corralejo offers all kinds of tourist establishments, hotels and apartments, which make it one of the favorite places for visitors. Check the 5 best viewpoints of the island.



2. Sotavento

Sotavento is the beach-lake of Fuerteventura, ideal for water sports, also for beginners.

The beach of Sotavento, on the peninsula of Jandia, south of the island, is the typical postcard beach: fine golden sand and crystal clear waters, calm and green tones. This area, in total, is almost 10 kilometers long and has several accesses. The beaches of Sotavento are also characterized by the lake that forms between the shore and the sand bar that rises between 100 and 400 meters away from it, which creates an ideal space for initiation in water sports.

La Concha (Islet of Lobos) – book the ferry here!
Like the islet, La Concha is a small beach, but a must for those who make the crossing by boat.

The islet of Lobos, which can be reached from the port of Corralejo with prior authorization, where several companies make trips throughout the day (the ideal is to leave in the early hours and return in the afternoon, to be able to “kick” all the islet), offers two bathing areas not to be missed. One is the small beach of La Concha, with yellow sand, totally protected from the waves and very quiet. Ideal for spending the last hours on the islet before returning to Corralejo.

Puertito de Lobos (Islet of Lobos)
El Puertito de Lobos, ideal to sit in its natural pool and enjoy the Atlantic. A postcard corner.

Apart from the beach of La Concha, Lobos also has its own little harbor, where not only the boats of fishermen and diving enthusiasts dock, but also forms a natural pool in which to sit, swim or play and, ultimately, enjoy its warm waters in the sun. Ideal for relaxing before eating a good paella (booking in advance) in the only restaurant on the island, which opens during the summer period to serve hikers. A must for anyone visiting Fuerteventura.


Costa Calma
Costa Calma

Costa Calma

The beach of Costa Calma is synonymous with tourism and relaxation.

Another of the beaches that give the island the title of having the best in Europe. Just over two kilometers of white sandy beach and dotted with palm trees. In fact, the first time you arrive at the town, located in the south of the island, on the peninsula of Jandia, gives the feeling of arriving at an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Gran Tarajal
The urban beach of Gran Tarajal is reminiscent of those of the western islands, for its almost black sand.

The beach of Gran Tarajal, located in the town of the same name in the municipality of Tuineje, is an exception among the many beaches of the island. Not in vain here the typical golden sand becomes darker, reminiscent of the black volcanic sand of beaches like those of Tenerife, for example. The beach is located in the heart of the town, so it has all the services to spend a day of tranquility without worrying about anything.


Cofete beach
Morro Jable


Cofete is the dream beach: golden sand, a unique landscape and hardly any people.

It is not the beach with the best access, but it is an unspoiled paradise that, by itself, will make the trip to Fuerteventura never forget. Surrounded by mountains, usually with very few users (precisely because of its remoteness from the tourist centers and its difficult access), is the ideal place to disconnect with the view of the Atlantic. It is located in the south of the island, in the peninsula of Jandía.


Sotavento Kite Lagoon
Sotavento Kite Lagoon

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Esquinzo, the perfect beach to get lost… without being found.

A place of 250 meters and white sand, located in the municipality of La Oliva, between Playa del Aguila and Paso Chico. The area is somewhat isolated, but the beautiful natural environment that draws the enclave makes a visit essential. The image of the rocks that protect it offers an unparalleled postcard.

La Concha and its thousand lakes

La Concha, in the north of the island, is a beach dotted with puddles. There is also a beach of La Concha, like that of the islet of Lobos, in the northern town of El Cotillo, almost obligatory place of pilgrimage for surf lovers. In fact, the set of beaches of El Cotillo offers multiple possibilities for surfers, but also for families with beaches like this one, with pools that resemble natural pools made explicitly for the enjoyment of visitors.

Solana del Matorral

In Morro Jable, to the south, Solana del Matorral is the tourist beach par excellence. The beach of Solana del Matorral-El Sebadal is south of Fuerteventura, in the town of Pájara, eminently tourist. About a kilometer separates the avenue lined with stores from the shore of this beach of yellow sand and splashed with bright sunshine, a favorite of British and German tourists. It is essential to take a picture next to the Morro Jable Lighthouse, which bursts into the landscape of the beach.


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