5 Terre in 3 days: discover the Unesco heritage of Italy

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5 Terre is one of the most visited destinations in Italy, every year a lot of tourist travel to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. So in this post, I will help you discover 5 Terre no matter if you have 1 day or 3. The best time to go is spring-summer, for a practical matter, there are more means of transport to reach them.





There are many ways to reach the 5 Terre, choose the one that is most convenient according to your starting point. HOW?

Moving between one site and another can be done in various ways, trains and ferries, circulate all day, especially in spring-summer, in the previous post, I will explain how and at what price. Do not choose the trekking option for those who decide to go in the day. Cinque Terre Train Tour from La Spezia.

TIPS TIME !! If you choose the option of 1 day in the 5 Terre is little but feasible, in this case, I recommend you do it by boat, the view is much more picturesque and once you buy the diary ticket of 33 € you can get on and off as many times as you want.


Depending on the season you choose to visit the park of the 5 Terre I recommend you book well in advance. In summer-spring it turns out to be very busy so better lock your hotel, B&B asap.


If you have not found anything, I suggest you try in Portovenere, where you can get to the park with a simple ferry. In the worst case, you can sleep in La Spezia, which is cheaper but very little tourist being only a port.

TIPS TIME !! If you decide to reach 5 Terre by car, always look for accommodation with parking included, as finding a parking space is almost impossible.

The category of hotels ranges from one to four stars, there are no five-star hotels in the 5 Terre. The nearest 5-star hotels are located in Portofino or Santa Margherita Ligure, an area bordering the 5 Terre, only 20min from Monterosso Mare. Eye on prices, these areas are as beautiful as expensive.

TIPS TIME !! If you are a nocturnal animal, maybe 5 Terre isn’t the best place to stay, all restaurants and bars close early.
Monterosso Mare
Monterosso Mare

WHAT TO SEE / BEACHES: from West to East

Maybe in complicated to visit all the 5 Terre, I suggest you decide in advance which town visit and in which order. Is very important don’t waste time here.

Monterosso al Mare = the widest beach (public and private)
Vernazza = the most chaotic, but it is worth doing around its streets
Corniglia = the smallest and the only one not touched by the sea
Manarola = the most animated, full of restaurants and is famous for its sweet Sciacchetrà wine
Riomaggiore = the most colorful, without a doubt my favorite 🙂

TIPS TIME !! Corniglia is not reachable by boat, is located on a mountain, you have to go on foot or by train.

I hope you have made you want to leave, any doubt leave a comment.

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