Verona day trip: the city of Love

Verona is the city of love, in the heart of Veneto, the city is one the most visited in Italy. Famous to be the Romeo and Juliet location, Verona is a beautiful day trip or a short weekend.


Juliet's house
Juliet’s house


By car, it’s very easy to park in Verona. I discourage you in the old town maybe it’s too expensive. If you want to park your car completely free you leave the car here, and it’s just 15min from the Erbe square.

By train there a lot of direct and regional trains from the main cities of the north.

  • Milan (regional train 10€ 1h50, Frecciarossa starting from 25€ 1h)
  • Venice (regional train 10€ 1h30, Frecciarossa starting from 20€ 1h12)
  • Bologna (regional train 10€ 1h30, Frecciarossa starting from 20€ 50min)
  • Florence (Frecciarossa starting from 30€ 1h30min)


Free parking at Porta Palio
Free parking at Porta Palio


Erbe square is one of the main points of the city, a beautiful square where there is a market of souvenirs in the middle.

Juliet’s house: The courtyard is free, you can take the picture with the statue of Juliet and see the balcony. The house-museum admission costs 6€. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9 to 18 (last admission at 5.30pm) Closed on Mondays.

Arena, the roman amphitheater hosting operas and concert all year long. Built-in the first century, It is still in use today and is internationally famous for the large-scale opera performances given there. It is one of the best-preserved ancient structures of its kind.



Castelvecchio is a castle in Verona, northern Italy. It is the most important military construction of the Scaliger dynasty that ruled the city in the Middle Ages. The castle is powerful and compact in its size with very little decoration – one square compound built in red bricks, one of the most prominent examples of Gothic architecture of the age,

Stone bridge, once known as the Pons Marmoreus, is a Roman arch bridge crossing the Adige River in Verona, Italy. The bridge was completed in 100 BC, and the Via Postumia from Genoa to Aquileia passed over it. It is the oldest bridge in Verona.


Erbe square
Erbe square


I found a very special and romantic place called Darí Enoteca Ristorante. The location inside and outside it’s amazing, and food too, takes a glass of Valpolicella (the wine of the area). Every room it’s different and is so special. From the menu, I suggest you all the Baccalá dishes (very typical in this region) and the Cannelloni.

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