5 things you must do in Venice

Venice is a must if you have decided to take a tour in Italy, together with Florence, Rome. I have been to Venice many times and I never get tired, there is always something new to discover. Don’t worry about tickets not so expensive, especially if you land in Treviso so you can come back. It is probable that you have been without any of what I added to my list of 5 things you must do in Venice:

  1. Take a Gondola ride
  2. Drink something at the Danieli Hotel
  3. Visit the Acqua Alta library
  4. Taste local food
  5. Go to the Carnival


Venice Canals
Venice Canals


A classic from Venice, hated by the locals and loved by Asians, but if you are on vacation you have to take a gondola ride. Fixed price of € 80 (be careful by law you cannot pay more) no matter how many you are, the price is always the same. The duration is about 40min / 1hour, the tour is pre-established, the gondoliers cannot go where they like.

You can start your tour at various points in the city, it’s like a taxi. For example in front of the train station, in San Marco square, etc. You will really enjoy the experience, it is another way of seeing the city.


Sunset in Venice lagoon
Sunset in Venice lagoon


Historic Venice hotel, located right next to San Marco square, built at the end of the 14th century. A beautiful 5-star hotel with a wonderful interior and exterior architecture. In 2010, starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, extensive footage was shot at the hotel for The Tourist.

My advice is to have lunch or dinner on the top floor of the hotel, the menu costs around € 135, but it’s delicious. The low-cost option is to have a coffee on the terrace overlooking the lagoon or an aperitif. If you are lucky you can enjoy a beautiful sunset, very romantic. Do not take the elevator, the journey with the stairs is very nice.


Danieli Hotel
Danieli Hotel


During the autumn or winter months, Venice suffers from a phenomenon known as “Acqua alta” (high water), in which I do not recommend visiting the city. Often the streets of the city are flooded and with them the houses and the shops. The inhabitants of Venice are aware that the phenomenon is about to occur thanks to the noise of a horn, which sounds like a warning in the streets.

The owner of the Acqua Alta bookshop uses boats or tanks to save his precious books. I absolutely recommend you to visit and buy a book in this bookstore since tourists often only come in to take a picture.


Veneto is a region full of tradition and gastronomy, in every Calle (the typical streets) you will find a bar or a restaurant. Among the typical dishes, I recommend you try is: baccalà mantecato, Sardele in saor, Bigoli in sauce, Risi and Bisi and Pasta with beans. Tripadvisor will help you with the choice of your restaurant, but if you want something quick you can always try the stuffed sandwiches. A typical sandwich where you can find more than 5 ingredients, they are delicious.

A tip, Venice is a very touristic city, pay attention to the prices and always ask before sitting down at the table. This advice also applies to Florence and Milan.


Mask of Venice
Mask of Venice


Carnival is one of the moments when the city receives more tourists, the prices of flights/hotels are very high. Don’t worry about this, it’s me and my fantastic advice:

  1. Choose Ryanair which has the airport in Treviso, the prices are much cheaper
  2. Do not sleep in Venice, take a hotel in Mira (10min by train) or Padua
  3. Book restaurants in advance or end up without eating
  4. Buy the dress or mask in advance, prices can reach € 1000 in Venice
  5. Do not take the vaporetto, move on foot and in the streets that are not major
  6. Be careful of bags and backpacks


More info about the region in “5 days in Veneto” or discover Burano.

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