North of Italy


Aosta Valley is the most northerly region of Italy, which includes the part of Mont Blanc and an unprecedented alpine spectacle. Today Aosta Valley to discover: passing from Courmayeur to the famous QC Terme up to the capital of Aosta Valley. Don’t miss the visit to the Christmas Market, among the Roman ruins surrounded by the whitewashed Alps. It also allows you to discover the informative chalets of the main tourist attractions of the Aosta Valley such as Skyway, the Pré Saint Didier Spa and the Bard Fort.


Perhaps it is not one of the most well-known regions of Italy, but Piedmont has a lot to offer, especially gastronomically, so today we are talking about 5 days in Piedmont. Apart from known worldwide as Barolo and Alba truffle, Langhe area is comparable only with Chianti. North Italy is a beautiful area but still unknown to many.

Capital of the Piedmont region, and headquarters of FIAT, today we visit Turin. The city is one of the major university, artistic, tourism, scientific and cultural centers of Italy.


5 Terre is one of the most visited destinations in Italy, every year a lot of tourists travel to this UNESCO World Heritage Site. So in this post, I will help you discover 5 Terre no matter if you have 1 day or 3. The best time to go is spring-summer, for a practical matter, there are more means of transport to reach them.


Lake Maggiore is one of the favorite destinations of people who live in Milan and want nature and relaxation. It is a very quiet area, full of nice restaurants and bars with a lake terrace. But also a way to learn about a nature reserve composed of a fauna and a protected flora. Surely in the north of Italy, you know Lake Como, famous for its villas and the famous people that occupy them, but Lake Maggiore is not far behind. Its villas and gardens will leave you speechless, like the Borromean Islands.

Just 40 minutes from Milan, Bergamo is one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Italy. Unesco heritage offers a wide artistic/cultural heritage. Choose between the upper town and the lower town and try the famous Casoncelli.


5 days in Veneto will not be enough to see all that this beautiful region of Northern Italy offers. An area rich in culture, gastronomy, legendary cities such as Verona or Venice is part of this wonderful heritage. Today’s tour is more centered in the area from Venice to the Alps (Cortina).

The airports of the region are Venice Marco Polo, or Treviso (only Ryanair). If you want to rent a car always do it at the airport, but I do not recommend it because it is expensive to leave the car in a car park in Venice (40 € / day). Another option is to rent it once you’ve visited Venice and Burano.