Burano: discover the Venice lagoon

Burano is an island in the north of Italy at only 30 minutes by vaporetto from Venice. Is one of the islands that are part of the Venice lagoon. The city is often confused with Murano, another very famous island in the lagoon. The island of Burano is famous for its colors but there is not much more to discover. Read my last post “5 days in Veneto” to discover more about this region.




Although the island is only 7km from Venice, getting there can be a real challenge. The only means of transport are the Venetian vaporetto (local ferry):

Departure from Venice St. Lucia there is no direct ferry, you have to get to Murano on line 3 and change. If you want to leave from Venice you have to take the line 12 (same line of Murano) from Venezia F.te Nove “A”, departure every 30min, duration 1h15.

Departure from Murano the ferry line 12 leaves every 20min from Murano Faro from 5 am to 10 pm, duration 40min, fares, and timetable.


Burano houses
Burano houses


To visit Burano half day is sufficient. Since you have to use the ferry I recommend you visit the two island on the same day but better organize. The ferries, especially in the bank holiday are always full and you risk losing a lot of time. So I give you a couple of tips on how to organize your day.

  • Buy a ticket valid for 1 day, price € 20.
  • Leave early in the morning, to avoid the queues.
  • Better to visit Burano in the morning instead of the afternoon.
  • Stop to the Il Gato Negro for lunch.
  • If you have decided to visit it in the afternoon, stay to see the sunset.


The Leaning Bell Tower
The Leaning Bell Tower


The island is very small, in a couple of hours, you have walked around the island. The houses of Burano are well preserved, it is an island that lives only on tourism. The main tourist points of the island are:

  • Love Viewing Bridge
  • Lace Museum
  • The Leaning Bell Tower
  • Bepi’s house

The best position to admire the Leaning Bell Tower is the Terranova bridge or the Giudecca shore. Due to a subsidence of the ground is inclined on the axis of 1.83 meters.


Venice lagoon sunset
Venice lagoon sunset

This is all about Burano, if you want more info in the area read my new post about Venice, meanwhile, check “5 days in Veneto“.

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