Bergamo in one day: tips & guide

Just 40 minutes from Milan, Bergamo is one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Italy. Unesco heritage offers a wide artistic/cultural heritage. Choose between the upper town and the lower town and try the famous Casoncelli. Discover Bergamo in one day with me. Check my last post: “5 days in Lombardy“.


Venetian Walls
Venetian Walls


Bergamo is famous for its main airport, Orio al Serio, with flights operated only by Ryanair. The airport also connects various cities like Milan and the Lake Como area.

If instead, you arrive by bus, better Flixbus, prices starting from € 5 in various areas of Italy. While on the train even if a bit more expensive is still a good option.

For the city, it is easy to get around on foot, but if you want to use the Funicular that connects the upper city with the lower city, I leave the link with prices and opening hour. I can assure you that walking this piece will appreciate the city a lot more.


Piazza Vecchia
Piazza Vecchia


TIPS TIME !! If you visit the city with children or you simply like nature I suggest you visit the Faunistic Park Le Cornelle, price € 15 / adults, and € 11 / children.

I recommend you do this walking tour that will allow you to visit the city without missing anything.

  1. Colleoni Chapel
  2. Reason Palace
  3. Treasury Museum Of The Cathedral
  4. Campanone (Bergamo)
  5. Baptistery
  6. Piazza Vecchia
  7. Tower of Gombito
  8. Cathedral of San Alejandro
  9. Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore
  10. Medolago – Albani Palace
  11. Venetian Walls


San Giacomo door
San Giacomo door


So we know the typical dishes of Bergamo: Polenta, the dish as famous as it is simple. Born from the union of corn flour and water and the patience of those who, with a wooden spoon, mix it for 45 minutes on the fire.

Casoncelli,  the famous pasta stuffed with meat, parmesan cheese and other ingredients that we can not reveal you because protected by secrets that are passed from generation to generation. They are seasoned with melted butter, sage, and crispy bacon.

The “Scarpinocc de Parr“, another type of fresh stuffed pasta whose name derives from Parre, the country of origin. In this case, the filling does not contain meat but dry bread, cheese, and various spices.

Polenta e Osei“, whose name and appearance are misleading, is not a savory dish but a dessert. I’ll give you the name of a couple of inns/restaurants: Risico, Il Ducale, Enoteca Zanini and a fast food Il Coccio.



So we finish our trip, are you ready for the next travel? Check my last post: “5 days in Lombardy“. Bye Travelers


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