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Marrakesh is an extraordinary city, very different from the other Moroccan cities, today we get lost in one of the most beautiful Medinas of Morocco. I fell in love with this city, I admit, I only had two days to visit Marrakesh but I will definitely come back. Its lights and its colors make this city one of the most beautiful in Africa. After passing by Ouarzazate and having slept in the Sahara desert today I give you some advice about Marrakesh.


Koutoubia Mosquée
Koutoubia Mosquée



The main airport (RAK), is only 7.5km from the city center. But do not be fooled, in this city between traffic and airport controls it is very easy to lose a plane. My advice is to take a taxi, always asking the price before going up, in Morocco the taxi drivers do not have an odometer.

The airport problem is that checks can last up to 2 hours if the queues are very long. I explain the mechanisms of the controls:

  1. Once you arrive you will have to pass by your airline (even if you have already checked in).
  2. Fill out the form of exit from the country to be able to enter passport control.
  3. After the passport control, you will have to check the suitcase.
  4. There is a last check that I do not remember why it was.
  5. Finally, you can go to your boarding gate.

If you have chosen Ryanair before departure, you will be sent several emails reminding you to be at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight.


Majorelle Garden
Majorelle Garden


Marrakesh surprised me gastronomically, we note that it is a city that does not want to be cataloged like the rest of Morocco. There are many European style bars and restaurants, if you’re tired of eating couscous or tajine, it’s happened to me after a week. It is not dangerous to turn in the evening as opposed to Fez if someone offers to accompany you to the destination always say NO.

Are you afraid of losing yourself? Buy an Orange sim, I’ll explain how to do it here.

The best restaurant I tried was the Café Des Épices, it has a great view of the square of the Épices and we eat very well. The restaurant is part of a chain together with the restaurants: NOMAD, the +61 and Le Jardin.


Café Des Épices
Café Des Épices



As I told you before, Marrakesh is a very safe city, even at night. So much tourism helps to give a good image of the city. This is why there is no safer neighborhood than another. Always consider that if you choose to sleep inside the Medina taxis cannot reach your hotel, so I suggest you choose a hotel not too centric.

I stayed at the Riad Marana hotel, 5min from the Plaza of Yamaha el Fna and from the taxi stop. Clean, comfortable, breakfast 9/10, I recommend it for a couple or family. Do you want to book? Use the widget to your right of If you have chosen Marrakesh for a very special occasion, I recommend the hotel La Mamounia Palace Hotel Marrakesh. This is a 5 * hotel 10min walk from the city center, a beautiful luxury hotel with all the comforts. I had the opportunity to visit him (out of curiosity) and I suggest you visit his garden or enjoy a day in his Spa.

That’s all, in the next chapter I will give you more advice about the city. Here the real tour begins, do not miss it.

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