How to taste a Michelin restaurants without getting poor

The post of today is about how to book a Michelin restaurant without getting poor. The passion of Michelin-starred restaurants began with the first Masterchef. A television program where chefs from all over Spain competed with each other. Then I met my partner and I discovered that his father also had a passion for these restaurants. He has a very interesting cooking blog called Jugando con Fogones. Over time I learned to enjoy these restaurants without having to suffer too much when receiving the bill.


Xerta Restaurant (1* Barcelona)
Xerta Restaurant (1* Barcelona)


  1. When to book?
  2. Have ever heard about
  3. What to avoid?
  4. Glass or bottle of wine?
  5. Menú or not?


Michelin-starred restaurants always offer various types of menus, including the weekly lunchtime menu. Those who think of Michelin restaurants is just a luxury thing is completely wrong. During the week in these restaurants, the menus are lowered compared to the weekend.

An example is the Caelis restaurant in Barcelona (1 * Michelin) offering a menu at noon for € 42 with a drink, while in the evening prices start at € 92 and without drinks. When you choose your restaurant, always take a look at the various menus offered.


Hisop Restaurant (1* Barcelona)
Hisop Restaurant (1* Barcelona)


The fork is an app used to book restaurants, personally the best, also used by Tripadvisor. The app works in an easy way, every booking made by Yummy that you accumulate gives you discounts in the various restaurants that adhere to the promotion.

I have often used this discount to book a Michelin restaurant, for example, Xerta (Barcelona), JY’S (Colmar), Nectari (Barcelona). The only disadvantage is that among the filters of the app there is not one that indicates the starred restaurants. In this search is in your hands. Check it! and book through my link and you will win 1000yummy (10 €) for your first reservation.


JY'S restaurant (2* Colmar)
JY’S restaurant (2* Colmar)


If you have chosen to eat in a starred restaurant you know that the bill is important, so it is better to avoid some small things that can save you money:

  1. Avoid coffee, it has nothing special and is usually costs € 5.
  2. Avoid the aperitif, it is the first thing that is asked of you. This is a glass of champagne in general that cost € 7.
  3. The aperitif sometimes is not included in the price, in general, it is not worth it.
  4. Do not feel poor if you do not leave a tip.


Nectari restaurant (1* Barcelona)
Nectari restaurant (1* Barcelona)


I am a lover of white wine, and my partner in red wine so we are always used to prefer a glass of wine rather than the bottle. The bottles of wine start at € 30 and up, while glass can cost € 7/8. In 2018 I visited many wine cellars in the Penedes area, and many works with starred restaurants. The price of the bottles is raised at least 3 times the real cost, I leave you to reflect. 🙂


The 90% of Michelin restaurants always specify that the Menú is for all table guests. This means that if your companion does not want to order the menu you will have to renounce it too. My advice? If you want to save money, the menu with the various dishes is always cheaper.

I hope this post has served you to book a Michelin restaurant. See you in the next post Foodies friends…

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