Living Morocco: how to be prepared

Morocco is as close to Europe as different, I wrote some tips about living Morocco, and how to be prepared for it. If you want some details about my trip, know that he left from Tangier and ended up in Marrakesh, a total of 7 days and 8 nights. I booked a tour with a guide through Feeling Morocco, and I loved it. I had thought about renting a car but for reasons that I will explain later, I decided not to do it. Tour total € 790 per person, breakfast and 4 dinners included on 8 included.




  1. Leave the car outside the city, especially in Fez and Marrakesh
  2. Always drive during the day: the streets are not illuminated
  3. Buy a sim to always have internet with you
  4. Do not change money in cash: better do it withdrawing from a bank
  5. Shopping: always start from half the price they tell you
  6. Always ask how much it costs before you get on a taxi
  7. Eat only peeled fruit or washed very well
  8. Save the coins: you need them for the bathroom
  9. Do not miss the sunset in the Sahara desert
  10. If they ask you if you’ve lost: always say No




One of the things that have surprised me most about this country is the cost of the internet. Wherever and anyone will find the internet, hotel wifi is not the best. So I recommend you once you have arrived to go to a store with the Orange sign and buy a sim. With a total of 10dh (€ 10), you will have a 5g sim to use. It is very easy because they will give you the sim and just introduce it into your phone, the app as Whatsapp will continue to work with your number. These stores sell a bit of everything and you can find them everywhere, you will also need to recharge.


Merzouga Desert
Merzouga Desert


One of the many reasons to travel to Morocco is shopping, in fact, many cities or countries only live on that. But the question that has to be a tourist is where are the real offers? In the big cities like Fez or Marrakesh, I do not recommend shopping, it’s all much more expensive.

Especially in Fez, where if you decide not to book a guided tour will try to sell you everything on the street. Fez is very famous for the cooperatives, but the prices are very high, a puff of camel leather can cost you 650DH (65 €). Always remember that you do not have to buy. The best place to buy at the moment is Ouarzazate, prices are much more accessible and it is easy to lower them.


Majorelle Garden
Majorelle Garden


Personally, I found that driving in Morocco is very similar to Turkey. The only difference is the city, the chaos that you found in Fez or Marrakesh does exist in Istanbul. The roads are paved but not illuminated, this will allow you to drive safely during the day but not in the evening. You can see the positive and negative points of both options.

  1. Avoid the cities, park the car outside the Medina (old town).
  2. Police checkpoints, alert to the signs are slowing others are stopping.
  3. Always keep documents ready.
  4. Lights, if someone lights you up it means there’s a police block, or he’s going to overtake you.
  5. Be careful when someone overtakes you, they are reckless.
  6. Gasoline costs € 1.20 in the city, € 1.10 in small cities, € 1.40 in isolated places.

Careful with pedestrians, they don’t use sidewalks (which are there) or pedestrian stretches.


TIPS TIME !! Do not change money before leaving or at the airport, it is not convenient, better to withdraw money at a local bank (fees are less).

Another important point on your trip to Morocco is the money theme. Inside the city, debit/credit cards are accepted, a part of the shops in the souk (market). There is no fee unless you decide to withdraw cash. The fees to withdraw cash will be from 3 to 10 €, at the time of withdrawal you will know the exact amount of the transaction. I recommend for a week € 250/per person (about 2500dhs).


From here we follow our journey towards the city of Fez or return to Chefchaouen. Do you need some tips for planning your trip? Read here.


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