How to get to Porto: discover the north of Portugal

Are you ready to visit the second most important city in Portugal? Porto is one of the most visited destinations in recent years. Divided from the Duero, famous for its cellars and buildings covered by the Azulejos. Before to visit the city I will explain how to get to Porto.


Bairro da Ribeira
Bairro da Ribeira


The main airport (OPO) is not big but functional, all the major low-cost airlines go to Porto. The airport is located 16 km from the center, and easily accessible by metro E line (40min to Trinidade stop) € 2,60 one way fare for the zone 4. If you want to use a Taxi, the fare starts at € 20.

The bus is another form of getting to Porto, is very common and cheap, the ticket to/from Lisbon can cost from € 20 to € 30, duration 3h40min. Flixbus connects the city with the north of Spain with advantageous fares and sometimes the buses include wifi on board. A ticket from/to Santiago de Compostela can cost from € 9.99.

While if you choose the train there are several daily trains that connect with Lisbon and other cities in the surroundings. From/to Lisbon are 2h38min and the price goes from 20 to 40 €.


Liberty Square
Liberty Square


METRO: 6 lines cover the city, keep in mind that with it you cannot reach most of the places of tourist interest. Timetable from 6:00 am to 1:00 am. Price € 1.20 single ticket. With the Porto Card or the Andante Tour, you can use the underground for free and without limits.

TRAM/ FUNICULAR: used just by tourists. There are only 3 lines left today, the Guindais line cost € 2.50 single ticket, is the best way to enjoy a good time and even take a walk. The other funicular is Gaia (in Vila Nova de Gaia) which connect the winery area to the Don Luis I bridge (6€ / adult one way).


Porto train station
Porto train station


Like in Lisbon, Porto offers the Porto card to visit the city in an economical and easy way. You can buy it at the airport or at the tourist offices, and with or without transport.

Includes some museums in the city such as the Archaeological Museum, the War Junqueiro House Museum or the Romantic Museum. Other visits with significant discounts would be, among others, the Clérigos Tower, the Serralves Foundation or the Military Museum. More info here!


Well, now we can start visiting the city. Are you ready travelers? “3 days in Porto

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