Pisa in one day: tour by walk, tips and guide

Unesco Heritage, every year millions and millions of tourists compete to take a picture of the most famous tower in the world. Today we go to Pisa, the second tourist city after Florence of Tuscany. A small city but with a lot of historical/monumental potential. Just 1h from Florence today we will discover all the secrets of this city. Book Pisa Walking Tour here!


Cathedral of Pisa
Cathedral of Pisa


Getting to Pisa is very easy and you have 3 options that are more convenient/economical than the other. If you arrive by plane, you can fly with Vueling and Ryanair, you can find a flight from € 30 for a weekend.

From Pisa airport, you will arrive at the train station. Departure every 10min, ticket price € 2.70 by Pisa mover (train connection).


Knights' Square
Knights’ Square

By train check on Trenitalia site the price/rate depending on the departure, the other option is to take the bus the think is the cheapest way if you depart from Italy. Once in the city, it is not necessary to take any means of transport, the city is small and can be turned on foot without problems.



  • Tower of Pisa = the price is always 18€/adult.
  • Baptistery = read the tips 🙂
  • Square of Miracles
  • Cathedral = if you only want to visit the cathedral, collect the fixed time free ticket.
  • Knights’ Square = photo
Sidewalk around Arno
Sidewalk around Arno
  • Blue Palace
  • Tower of Campano
  • Medicean Arsenals
  • Botanic Garden and Museum
  • Arno walking = take a walk around the river, by night is even better…

TIPS TIME!! If you want to buy tickets in advance you can buy on Opapisa. Here the prices for multi tickets:


If you want to know more about opening hours, take a look at this Page.


Carovana palace
Carovana palace


Eating well in Tuscany we know that it is normal, but I prefer to recommend some places (most of them cheap) to taste the flavors of this region. Tipì Winery, Peperoncino, Giusto Giusto, The Ostellino.

I Porci Comodi = not a restaurant, sandwiches with typical salami. 

Now you know how beautiful Tuscany is if you want to know some more write to me!!


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