10 Top-Rated Beaches on Crete

Here my 10 Top-Rated Beaches on Crete, a list of 10 beautiful beaches which i can visit during my journey. What do you need to know when deciding to travel to Crete? or Check here my itinerary. What you need to know is that is a very easy go-to beach on Crete, there is always a shower and a bar in order to eat something or just escape from the sun, here is my list.


Preveli palm beach
Preveli palm beach

10 Top-Rated Beaches on Crete

  1. Preveli palm beach
  2. Elafonissi beach
  3. Balos beach
  4. Voulisma beach
  5. Vai Beach
  6. Spilies Beach
  7. Katholiko Beach
  8. Kedrodasos Beach
  9. Calypso Beach
  10. White Lake beach


Elafonissi beach
Elafonissi beach


Beach Type Parking Shower Food & Drinks Umbrella sun
Preveli palm beach Sand Yes, 2€ Yes Yes No
Elafonissi beach Sand Yes, free Yes Yes Yes, 10€
Balos beach Sand Yes, free, small No Yes Yes, 10€
Voulisma beach Sand Yes, free Yes Yes Yes, 10€
Vai Beach Sand Yes, free Yes Yes No
Spilies Beach Rock Yes, free Yes, 0,50€ Yes Yes, 10€/20€
Katholiko Beach Rock Yes, free No No No
Kedrodasos Beach Sand Yes, free Yes Yes Yes, 10€
Calypso Beach Rock Yes, pay at the hotel Yes No Yes, 10€
White Lake beach Rock/sand Yes, free No No No

Voulisma beach
Voulisma beach


  • Elafonissi beach: one of the most touristic, very huge one, the only con the shower is at the beginning of the beach and is very windy. No restaurant just a bar, and sports activities in the area.
  • Balos beach: very windy beach, you need to go early in the morning to find parking, 40 min by walk from the car minimum.
  • Spilies Beach: very nice, little and comfortable, the water is spectacular and very close to the car parking.
  • Katholiko Beach: very close to Chania but you need to walk and is a rock beach.
  • Kedrodasos Beach: one of the best, but one of the far, 1h50 from Chania.
  • White Lake beach: one of the little ones, no service here.


Spilies Beach
Spilies Beach


  • Vai Beach: very far from the other ones, 2h from Agios.
  • Voulisma beach: easy to park, easy to eat (there are several restaurants), great blue water, but not so much space so go early.
Calypso Beach
Calypso Beach


  • Preveli palm beach: just my favorite, is really beautiful and the palm around the river are amazing. “Just” 45min by walk from the car.
  • Calypso Beach: I enjoyed this “beach” there is no sand here, just umbrellas and a hotel if you want to stay.


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