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My Rioja vineyards tour continues with the Roda winery. Located in the city of Haro, is one of the youngest wineries in this area. Roda was founded in 1987 but only in 2001, they finish the construction of the winery. Something interesting about the name Roda came from the first syllable of the 2 founders of the winery.

This is a trip I have been organizing for some time and counting with one of the most important wineries makes it even more interesting. Do you want to know how to organize the Rioja vineyards tour? Read here!


The Cellar
The Cellar


Winery Tour: From Monday to Saturday, from 10:00 and 12:00 hours. Visit guided includes the tasting of two wines and two extra virgin olive oil. Languages: Spanish, English and French, 1h30 approx, price: 15€ per person.

Two cellars for aging wine in cask, one of them a hundred years old with an exit onto the River Ebro, in summer they usually use this space to wine tastings or lunches. For the complete list of the activities, read here and book!


Fermentation room
Fermentation room


In the winery, there are 17 French oak vats and in each of them, the grapes that come from the 17 vineyards are made. Once the 17 different wines have been in barrels for a year, the definitive moment comes to assemble the different regional varieties with RODA characteristics.

In Roda they are very interested in quality, wines from other years are never used to standardize or refresh a harvest, nor do they buy vinifications from other wineries. Another example, they wait for 1992 they got the product they expected. The first Roda 92, this first wine was not marketed until 1996, it says a lot of them.

Nowadays the wines of Bodegas Roda are among the best wines in the world according to the main national and international experts. Roda (until the 2001 vintage Roda II), Roda I and Cirsión are the three jewels of the winery.


The Cellar II
The Cellar II


The visit is quite simple and fast, a brief tour of the cellar, explaining the details of their production step by step. Once the explanations are finished, we pass on to the tasting of 2 wines and 2 types of oil. I must point out that the Roda winery doesn’t produce white wine, only red wine.

The first part of the tasting is the test of 2 Roda wines, very powerful but very good, but I would have liked between a wine and the other to have breadsticks to “clean” the mouth.

The second part is the tasting two Extra Virgin Olive Oils, AUBOCASSA and L’AMO, both are produced at the Aubocassa farm in Manacor, Mallorca.


Wine tasting
Wine tasting


Haro is a perfect village to stop and eat something, I suggest you book in advance especially on weekends. Haro is a small but pretty village, around the train station you can see a lot of wineries because at the beginning was the easiest transport for the wine. 

Organizing a trip through La Rioja vineyards is amazing and visit Laguardia much more. A little city located just 25km from Roda winery. Here we are in the Basque country however the wine is called Rioja. Its streets and corners preserve a great medieval flavor and its economy is based on the wine industry. Don’t miss it.

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