Ramón Bilbao winery tour: la Rioja road trip

My Rioja vineyards tour continues with the Ramón Bilbao Winery, located in the city of Haro, they are one of the most visited wineries in La Rioja. Was founded in 1924, in 1966 the family’s last descendant passed away and in 1972 become part of a family company called Diego Zamora, S.A.

This is a trip I have been organizing for some time and counting with one of the most important wineries makes it even more interesting. Do you want to know how to organize the Rioja vineyards tourRead here!


Ramón Bilbao winery
Ramón Bilbao winery


Mirto Visit: One of the most excellent Ramón Bilbao, S.A. wines, “Mirto”, raise only in French oak barrels cost 37€, not so expensive for good wine.

  • Guided presentation of history and production processes.
  • Introductory course to wine tasting with a selection of 5 Ramón Bilbao wines.
  • 360° virtual reality experience
  • Price per person: €14. Book now.
  • Duration of the activity: Approximately 1.5 hours

Ramón Bilbao wine-tasting course: 

  • A brief explanation of history and production processes during a short tour of the winery.
  • An introductory wine-tasting course featuring a selection of 5 Ramón Bilbao wines.
  • 360° virtual reality experience.
  • Duration of the activity: Approximately 1.5 hours
  • Price per person: €20. Book now.


The Cellar
The Cellar


Winners of the Best Spanish Winery prize in 2014 awarded by IWSC, in 2011 by the prize to the Best Tempranillo in the World and in 2008 by the award for the Best Spanish Red Wine.

These wineries have significant production from their own vineyard (75 ha in Haro and the environs) in addition to controlled vineyards belonging to farmers in the area with whom they have been working for many years.

The wine bar/shop is open Monday to Saturdays from 09: 00 to 19:00h and Sundays-09:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. If you just want to try some Ramón Bilbao you can use a self-service machine, for a 1,20€ you can try a little bit of their wines (I think is amazing).


Self-service machine
Self-service machine


I made the Ramón Bilbao wine-tasting course (that I highly recommend). Among the wineries that I visited Ramón Bilbao remains the most interesting, I’ll explain why. The part that you will listen in all the wineries will be so quick, after a brief explanation of the history and the wines we immediately pass to the first tasting.

The first two wines that we tried are “unfinished” wines, this means that you will taste wines directly from the barrel, to understand the difference between American and French barrels. Really interesting in my opinion, however, the wine isn’t so good. The second wine tastings were about 3 wines (including Mirto), no appetizers, but some breadstick to help.

At the end of the tasting part, they offer a 360° virtual reality experience, a different way to explain the Ramón Bilbao vision, and why the Travel theme is so important.


Wine Tasting
Wine Tasting


Organizing a trip through La Rioja vineyards is amazing and visit Laguardia much more. A little city located just 25km from Ramón Bilbao winery. Here we are in the Basque country however the wine is called Rioja. Its streets and corners preserve a great medieval flavor and its economy is based on the wine industry, don’t miss it. 

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