How to book the best hotel: guide and tips

Choose the perfect hotel or at least try, once bought the flight is our second priority, today I want to leave you my advice on how to book the best hotel. We spend 365 days thinking about where to go on holiday, once we have chosen the destination we start to draw the path, organizing the days we have available in the best possible way.

I have always taken up the task of booking hotels because I work with them. I find that the choice of the hotel is more important than the flight, we have 2 or max 3 airports for a destination, but how many hotels we have? So how can I book the best hotel?


Casa Granados Boutique Hotel
Casa Granados Boutique Hotel


In my opinion, the most important factor is where my hotel will be located, how can I choose that? First, answer to this question:

  1. What time did I buy the flight?
  2. Where is the airport?
  3. What public transportation should I use (metro/train/bus) from the airport to the center?

The worst choice you can make (especially if it just a weekend) is to book a hotel more than 30 minutes away by public transport from the airport. My advice is to choose a hotel near the point where the bus/train leaves you in order to don’t waste time between transfers/check-in.

If you like me always choose flights or in the evening or very early in the morning (usually the cheapest) is essential to choose the hotel. For example, in Paris there are 3 airports, my flight was at 7 am to Paris Orly, so I decided to look for accommodation in the Defense area, which is where the Orlybus (public bus) starts/ends the line.

Cava & Hotel Mastinell
Cava & Hotel Mastinell


The keyword when we know where we want to book our hotel is FILTER. Our choice must be between max 5 hotels, not 100, so it is good to know our priorities:

  1. Do I want to share the room with strangers?
  2. Do I want to share the bathroom?
  3. Do I want the breakfast included?

Once we have answered these questions we can start filtering, it normally remains just 10% of the hotels. My advice is, filter without thinking about the price unless we still have 100 hotels to choose from. The price is, unfortunately, relative if you decide that you do not want to share room/bathroom the price normally starts at € 50 per night.

Before to book with breakfast included, read what kind of breakfast it is (buffet, international etc.) and the comments of other travelers to know if it is really worth.


Hostal Jume
Hostal Jume


The obvious, as soon as possible, always choose with free cancellation, especially if it is Christmas or Easter. My advice on where to book is, always start from, Why?

  1. Because the comments are real (in Tripadvisor anyone can leave a review).
  2. There is no better page than to filter hotels.
  3. It offers a number of accommodations that not all web pages have.

Once you have your top 5, look for Trivago who offers the best price. Next step? Book!

I hope you will find interesting my post, the next one will be about flights. I hope to see you soon Traveler.


Boscareto Resort
Boscareto Resort

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