The 10 best beaches in Menorca

With my last trip to Menorca, I finally complete the last Balearic Island that I missed. A quiet island, which receives millions of tourists a year, mostly families and young couples. In my last post, I explained how to organize your trip and what to visit in Mahón and Ciutadella, today I show you the 10 best beaches in Menorca.

The beaches make this island a protected and uncontaminated paradise but reachable in only 40 minutes by plane from Barcelona.


Cala Mitjaneta
Cala Mitjaneta


As I said, I always recommend making some travel plan. The island is not so big but from the M-1 (the road that crosses the whole Menorca) to the various beaches there is always a bit of road to do. Once you have chosen the order, keep in mind that:

  1. The most beautiful/famous beaches do not have showers or “Chiringuitos” (beach bars).
  2. To get to many beaches, such as Playa del Pilar, you have to walk 30/45 min from the parking, do not bring too many things.
  3. The paths to get to the beaches are rocky, put on sneakers.
  4. Do not go between 10 am or 15 pm, you will not find parking. I recommend to go late, many families leave the beaches at 12 and 17.
  5. Bring your snorkeling mask, it’s worth it.
  6. Book a boat tour, more information here!


Cala Turqueta
Cala Turqueta


I have drawn a map, choosing the various beaches and marking in priority the red ones (but also the most popular ones). Mahón and Ciutadella are on the map too, go and visit them. In this map, you will find restaurants, where to rent kayaks too.



The beaches of the north are my favorite but also the most complicated to reach.

1 Cala del Pilar, is the farthest to reach, 45min from the parking and I recommend you use comfortable shoes. Beautiful for snorkeling, sandy beach.


Cala del Pilar
Cala del Pilar

2 Cala Mitjaneta 10min from Cala Mitjana, 20min walk from the parking.

3 Cala Macarelleta, the parking is closed until October 2018, reachable from Cala Galdana in 40min on foot.

4 Cala Pregonda 20 min from Fornells, 30min walk from the parking.


Cala Pregonda
Cala Pregonda

5 Cala Escorxada I have not been there but they say it is very beautiful.

6 Cala Turqueta, crystal clear waters, white sand, among the busiest.

7 Playa Bellavista, in the park of Son Saura, crystal clear water.


Playa Bellavista
Playa Bellavista

8 Santo Tomas, beach with shower, very close to the parking.

9 Cala Talaier, 10 min walk from Playa Bellavista.

10 Binibeca, there is no sandy beach but the water is crystal clear.

It’s time to move to Ibiza or Formentera!


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