7 days Andalusia itinerary

Andalusia is a beautiful region, full of beautiful cities like Cordoba, Seville, and Granada, today we speak about 7 days Andalusia itinerary. Andalusian people are considered among the most welcoming in Spain. If you ask for some Tapas, it is very easy that they offer you the first one, even if you have not asked for it. I choose to travel without renting a car this time, public transport and train are very comfortable.


The Alhambra
The Alhambra


By train

Seville – Cordoba = starting from € 14, duration 1h30 (there are also high-speed trains).
Granada – Cordoba = starting from € 45, duration 3h approx.
Malaga – Cordoba = starting from 28 €, duration 1h approx.
Madrid – Cordoba = starting from € 44, duration 1h40 approx.
Cadiz – Cordoba = starting from 30 €, duration 3h20.

By bus

Sevilla – Cordoba = starting from 12 €, duration 2h.
Granada – Cordoba = starting from 15 €, duration 3h approx.
Malaga – Cordoba = starting from 12 €, duration 3h approx.
Madrid – Cordoba = starting from € 20, duration 5h approx.
Cadiz – Cordoba = starting from € 13, duration 3h20





We start the trip from Granada, which has an airport only 19km from the city center. The Federico Garcia Lorca Airport (GRX) is connected to the city center with the ALSA company bus, € 6  return. This is the most visited and well-known city in Andalusia, with one of the most visited monuments in Spain, the Alhambra. Often tourists think that once you visit the Alhambra there is nothing left. Granada is a very beautiful city that offers the Generalife, a set of gardens, built around 1315 near the Alhambra, in a higher position, extending to the mountains.

More info read here…


Cathedral of Granada
Cathedral of Granada


From Granada to Cordoba by bus the ticket costs 15 €, duration 3h approx (the train has the same duration and it costs 45€). Cordoba, the third most populous city after Seville and Malaga, is my favorite city in Andalusia. The Cathedral-Mezquita and a blossoming reputation as one of Spain’s gastronomic capitals make this ancient Andalusian city hard to resist.

Cordoba is a city full of monuments and parks, if you can stay at least 2 days in this city would be perfect, a free tour is a good option for not missing anything. Read more here…


Roman Bridge
Roman Bridge


Sevilla is the heart of Andalusia, the capital of the region is the most important city. I recommend the regional train from Cordoba for 12 € duration 1h20 and high frequency.

Free tour available, if you prefer to visit the city on your own it is very easy. Don’t forget to visit:

  • España square
  • The Real Alcázar
  • The Cathedral (The Giralda)
  • The Golden tower


España square
España square
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