10 free things to do in Berlin

Berlin is a spectacular city, full of history, culture, today we discover 10 free things to do in Berlin. One of the most visited European cities, despite being in the north of the country, it is the least rich part of Germany. Berlin offers a lot to visit, but today we only focus on free things.


  1. Free tour of the city
  2. Sachsenhausen concentration camp
  3. Reichstag 
  4. Holocaust-Mahnmal 
  5. Wall of Berlin
  6. Mauerpark Karaoke
  7. Mysteries & Legends Free Tour
  8. Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial
  9. Graffiti tour 
  10.  Free Berlin Bike Tour


Karaoke of Mauerpark
Karaoke of Mauerpark


Berlin offers many free tours that allow you to take a first look at this city. Discover the monuments, streets, and squares of Berlin with this tour, ideal for the German capital at first glance (book here). The work guide exclusively for tips: at the end of the tour you can decide the price the service deserves!

You can also choose a free bike tour (book here). Before starting the tour, you must pay a 15 euro deposit per person. This will be returned to you in full at the end of the tour providing the bike has not been damaged at all.  You must be at least 16 years old to take part in this tour. This free tour is not available for groups of more than 6 people. Do you want a different tour? Mysteries and Legends Free Tour. 


Sachsenhausen concentration camp
Sachsenhausen concentration camp


The Sachsenhausen concentration camp, located in the town of Oranienburg. Was built by the Nazis in 1936 to massively confine or liquidate political opponents, Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, later also prisoners of war. Was closed in 1945 thanks to the soviet.  Is located 1h15 from Hauptbahnhof (central train station of Berlin). The entrance is free but I suggest to take the audio guide and listen to the history of this place (just 3€). Oper from 8:30 to 18:00 every day. 



Without changing the theme, and without leaving the city, we find the Holocaust-Mahnmal. Opened in 2005 to commemorate all the victims of the Holocaust. It is an inclined field of 19,000 square meters covered by a grid in which 2711 stelae or concrete slabs are located.


The Berlin Wall (shot down in 1989) has become one of the most famous outdoor art galleries in the world. The Eastside Gallery is the most visited points in the city. 


Eastside Gallery
Eastside Gallery

The gallery consists of 103 murals painted by artists from all over the world who wanted to represent, each one, their idea of peace and hope for freedom in a better world that would leave past shame behind. Graffiti in Berlin, there aren’t just in-wall, the city is full of street art. 


The German Parliament building, known as the Reichstag is a great neo-Renaissance facade of this historic building, but the great attraction of this visit is to climb the roof. There you can access the large glass dome designed by the prestigious architect Norman Foster. The visiting hours of the Berlin Reichstag dome are from 8 am to midnight, with last access at 9:45 pm, and an entry frequency every quarter of an hour. You must book the entrance in advance


Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial

Another tourist point that you can visit for free is the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial. The Evangelical Lutheran Church is located on the Breitscheidplatz square, in Charlottenburg-Berlin. After being destroyed in World War II, it has been preserved in a state of ruin as a memorial. Open from 9 to 19. 

The last thing is the famous Karaoke of Mauerpark. Every Sunday from 15:30 to 19:00, it is located in Mauerpark (the wall park). In fact, in this park, there is a section of the Berlin wall full of graffiti. In the park, there is an area dedicated to the sale of second hand and street food. 

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