One day in Villajoyosa: Costa Blanca to discover

La Villajoyosa, historical capital of the Marina Baixa region, is a village on the Costa Blanca (Alicante), in the Valencian Community. His colored house are the It is located 8 km from Benidorm, 32 km from Alicante and 150 km from Valencia.

Gastronomy is one of the most outstanding elements of the rich intangible heritage of La Villajoyosa. Fishing has been, and still is, one of the main economic activities, which is why sea has always been La Vila’s kitchen larder.


The houses
The houses


The Tourist Office of La Vila Joiosa is located on the ground floor of the Villa ‘Centella‘ in the central Colón street. This villa was built in 1930 by Juan Vidal, one of the most renowned architects of Alicante. It is a house of ‘eclectic’ style, mixing different styles, typical of the period.

  • Defense Towers
  • Central beach 
  • Valor chocolate factory
  • Old town 

La Vila has an exceptional collection of archaeological pieces that talk about the history of the city through the civilizations that have lived in the past in this beautiful place on the shores of the Mediterranean. Phoenicians, Greeks, Etruscans, Iberians and Romans settled here and left their traces.


The center beach
The center beach


La Vila Joiosa has 15 kilometers of coastline and 13 beaches and coves holding certificates of quality of waters and services.

The diversity and quality of the waters and facilities, together with the access point, settled up every summer (from July to September) on the Playa Centro beach, to allow access to bathing for all reduced mobility people, make La Vila Joiosa, and its natural heritage, a reference point on the Costa Blanca.

The center beach: a large sandy beach, more than 1300 meters to enjoy unforgettable walks along the Mediterranean shores. Located in the very town center, it is perfect for the whole family. Other famous beaches in Villajoyosa are:

  • Center beach
  • Paradis
  • Bol Nou
  • La Caleta
  • Varadero beach
  • El Torres


The city of chocolate
The city of chocolate


La Vila Joiosa smells of cocoa and roasted almonds and chocolate. Waking up with the aroma of this sweet “liquid gold” is a unique experience reserved for the privileged who live or visit this municipality. Since the 19th century, the chocolate industry has been one of the traditional economic activities of La Vila Joiosa, and although at present only three factories and four brands are still active, more than seventy brands have been counted over the years.

The highly recommended and essential visit to the factories of Chocolates Valor, Chocolates Clavileño and Chocolates Pérez allows us to know first-hand the process of making chocolate and the history of the local industry, since in the three factories, in addition to the stores With the wide variety of products from different brands, there are also museums that explain their history and the importance of our city for the chocolate industry. In fact, the Museo de Chocolates Valor has declared the Valencian Chocolate Museum in 2008.

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