Nazareth day trip: Discover Israel

Nazareth is a city in North District, Israel. It has many popular attractions, including Basilica of the Annunciation, Nazareth Market, and Nazareth Village, making it well worth visiting.


Annunciation Church
Annunciation Church


Nazareth is a small village not far from the Lake of Galilee. It is quiet and peaceful. It is the hometown of Joseph and the Virgin Mary, the birthplace of the Lord Jesus. Jesus lived here for more than 30 years. All this small city is sacred in the hearts of believers.

Although its population is mostly Arab, Nazareth is one of the most important cities in the Holy Land. According to the Bible, Jesus, Mary and Joseph lived here during the first years of Christ’s life.

According to the Gospels, Nazareth was the city where Jesus spent his childhood and where the Virgin Mary was visited by the Angel Gabriel. Because of this, Nazareth is full of temples that venerate these events.

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Annunciation Church
Annunciation Church


  • The Annunciation Church-located in the small town of Nazareth is one of the most important churches in the Christian world today. The church’s walls are inlaid with statues of the Virgin donated by churches from all over the world. Each has its own characteristics and is a good choice. The Annunciation Church is the largest church in the Middle East, with a solemn and gorgeous interior layout. According to legend, the Virgin Mary was conceived by the Holy Spirit here, and Christ Jesus grew up here. On both sides of the main entrance of the church are the “New Testament” and “Old Testament” engraved with the Bible.

The church is open from morning until early evening (open daily 8am-6pm); the grotto opens very early. Worshippers can enjoy silent prayer every evening, confession in the morning and mid-afternoon, and a range of services, including a candlelight procession on Saturday evening. Avoid visiting around Easter, Christmas, and Annunciation Day (generally March 25th), when things can get very busy.


Nazareth Market
Nazareth Market


  • Church of St. Joseph: this church built in honor of Mary’s companion houses the remains of Joseph’s carpentry shop. The interior of the church is simple but bright, thanks to the white stone columns that fill the room.
  • Nazareth Village: one way to imagine what Nazareth was like in Jesus’ time is to visit this open-air museum, which recreates the lifestyle of the Israelites and the urban planning of the city in the year 0 AD. Shepherds, synagogue priests or washerwomen will welcome you in Nazareth Village.
  • Nazareth Market: this historic Arab souk is the most lively and atmospheric area of the city. In its street stalls you can buy practically everything from food to souvenirs of the city. Its narrow steep stone streets have a very special charm.



Mount Carmel
Mount Carmel



Less than an hour’s drive north of Tel Aviv, Mount Carmel Israel is a place of amazing diversity worth visiting off the main tourist track. Besides its breathtaking landscapes and forests, the mountain range is the site of well-known Biblical history, quaint Druze villages, the modern city of Haifa and a picturesque artist’s colony.

Drive or walk around the spectacular scenery near the kibbutz Beit Oren. This part of the Carmel is often called ‘Little Switzerland’ due to the lush, evergreen forests and steep ravines. Check the entire Israel itinerary.

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