Loarre castle: The best preserved romanesque castle in Europe

The Loarre castle is considered the best-preserved Romanesque fortress in Europe. Is in a fairly good state of preservation (except for the part of the old castle of Sancho III of Navarra, much more deteriorated). Highlights include the small chapel, the crypt of St. Quiteria, located at the entrance (with incredible acoustics) and the majestic church of the castle (of which the whereabouts of the Romanesque paintings are unknown) in which the dome is striking (so unusual in the Romanesque).


Loarre castle
Loarre castle


  •  Opening period: all year round, except Monday
  •  Price: 6€
  •  Car park: free

Stroll through the castle, walk through its corners, enjoy the magnificent Romanesque-Jaque art with oriental nuances that overflows in the construction of its church-donjon and distills in any of its capitals, savor the careful and monotonous uniformity of the Lombard walls, get excited contemplating the triptych of geminated windows of its most exquisite tower, (face to face, facing it from above the apse of the church of San Pedro), discovering a hidden stonemason’s inscription with the name of Sancivs, or with archaic epigraphy, difficult to read, provide a myriad of concerns and pleasurable moments for sensitive spirits.

Loarre Castle offers a guided tour service that takes place in groups, with a maximum of 30 people, and lasts approximately one hour. To avoid running out of places on the day of your visit, make your reservation online.


Loarre castle
Loarre Castle

The castle was built largely during the 11th and 13th centuries, when its position on the frontier between Christian and Muslim lands gave it strategic importance. The first of the two major building programs began circa 1020, when Sancho el Mayor (r. 1063–94) reconquered the surrounding lands from the Muslims.

The castle of Loarre was the protagonist of the filming of the movie Kingdom of Heaven (2005) by director Ridley Scott, starring among others Orlando Bloom, Eva Green, Liam Neeson and Jeremy Irons. The village of Loarre participated in the filming of the movie as an extra. The castle can be seen at the beginning and end of the film.


The castle of Loarre
The castle of Loarre


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