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Altea is one of the most beautiful and sustainable towns in Spain. Its Altea is one of the most beautiful and sustainable towns in Spain. Its Old Town and its viewing points are enormously known for their charm.  and its viewing points are enormously known for their charm. Many of its streets are paved and walking through them you can see a large number of restaurants and hotels. The Plaza de la Iglesia, the church square, is the heart of Altea, an authentic center of leisure and culture, especially in summer.





Nowadays, a visit to the old town of Altea can be a journey into the ancestral Mediterranean culture. The current exhibition presented on the 2nd of June 2021 “The Return of the Gargoyles”, can help you to get to know the beauty of the old town of Altea in a different way. This exhibition has a total of 34 figures created by local artists and distributed along the facades of the Old Town. It should be noted that the exhibition will be available until October 2021.


Plaza de la catedral
Plaza de la catedral

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning the exhibition “S.L.A.P” (Street Light Art Project) by the artist Anzur Zapico Alonso, which permanently offers a magnificent visual of the lampposts that are scattered around the busiest areas of the town. This project is about Urban Art that consists of the artistic intervention of the public lighting, that is to say, the lampposts of Altea. The project collects plastic bags and waste collected in different markets in Alicante.


Altea offers a huge amount of Italian restaurants (strange right?) but I can suggest only one: In Bocca al Lupo, is the only one with a beautiful location and good food. Then if you obviously find some good Spanish food there are:

  • Xef Pirata: modern tapas, reservation mandatory
  • Oustau: Spanish modern cuisine reservation mandatory
  • D’els Artistes: typical Spanish cuisine


Street of Altea
Street of Altea


Altea is located on the Costa Blanca and has a large stretch of coastline, in which areas of cliffs and small coves alternate with stretches of beach on flat terrain.

From the tip of Mascarat, or Morro de Toix, to the breakwater of the port, Altea has a wide variety of beaches where you can perform all kinds of activities: swimming, diving, fishing, sailing …

The beaches of Altea are pebbled, not sandy. These beaches have advantages … The best of them is that usually they are not overcrowded, and this is one of the strongest points of Altea. You can play different types of games if you go with family or with children and the day is calmer.


Book Casa del Respirto
Book Casa del Respiro
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