4 days in Fuerteventura

Breathing fresh air, being in contact with the environment, and enjoy a place that has maintained its natural essence to this day, is a luxury that makes the difference between other destinations and the island, this is my 4 days in Fuerteventura.

Vulcanic land
Vulcanic land


  • The north
  • The villages
  • The south

The holiday experience in Fuerteventura necessarily goes through its gastronomy, which has its maximum expression in some of the best Canarian restaurants located on the island. An excellent gastronomic offer made of traditional and fusion, of the mixture of cultures and avant-garde, within reach in both tourist areas and rural areas, to create and experience new sensations every day through the palate.


Corralejo Dunes Natural Park
Corralejo Dunes Natural Park


In Corralejo you can enjoy long and beautiful beaches with crystal clear water, fine sand, shallow bottoms, sun and a wide range of possibilities. Corralejo’s beaches of white sand and turquoise water stand out, as well as the fascinating landscapes of the dune field of the Natural Park of Corralejo or the spectacular Park of the Island of Lobos with its rich flora and fauna and its dreamy corners.

Corralejo, in the north of Fuerteventura, is a modern, dynamic town, marked by its wild nature, its special geography, the warmth of its climate and its colors. You can enjoy long and beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, fine sand, shallow bottoms, sun and a wide range of possibilities. Overlooking the islands of Lanzarote and Lobos, Corralejo Dunes Natural Park takes us to a different continent.

From here you can visit the Lobo island, you can do it on the same day, and book the ferry here!




Betancuria with its marked flavor of history and tradition, its narrow streets full of flowers, the relaxed and cheerful atmosphere, the town of Betancuria, in the center of the Canary Island of Fuerteventura, is one of the jewels of the island that dazzles everyone who visits it. 

The village of Santa María de Betancuria was founded by the Norman conquerors towards the year 1404 because, due to its location between mountains and far from the beach, it facilitated the defense against possible attacks. In this way, this charming place became the first capital of the Canary Islands. Currently, it still has immense historical value with the first monastery, the first cathedral and the episcopal seat of the entire archipelago.


Guise and Ayose viewpoint
Guise and Ayose viewpoint


Guise and Ayose viewpoint: The sculptures are a donation of the OHL company, are 4.5 meters high and about 1.5 meters wide and are the work of Emiliano Hernandez. Initially, it was planned to install them in the square next to the Palacio de Congresos of the capital, although finally a more emblematic location was chosen, associated precisely with the presence of the former warlords of the mahos. Check the 5 best viewpoints of the island.


In the south, the endless beaches of the Windward and Leeward coasts create a paradise. Walking for several kilometers along the sea, on golden sand with turquoise waters, is possible on the island of Fuerteventura.

Costa Calma located in the Southern part of Fuerteventura, within the municipality of Pájara, is the gateway to the world-famous Jandía Beaches. Costa Calma is located in the narrowest part of Fuerteventura, the sandy isthmus that separates Jandía from the rest of the island. This area is characterized by its impressive beaches, varied and modern accommodation and a wide range of activities. Its transparent and calm waters are ideal for any sport or activity at sea.


Playa de Sotavento
Playa de Sotavento

The area south of Playa de Sotavento is perfect for a good beach day. Contrary to what is happening in Playa Barca and Risco del Paso, this beach is for tourists, not for windsurfers.
It has a fine, white sand and turquoise water is. It has a good surface and is normal to find very few people in it..

To reach this area of Playa de Sotavento, we take a dirt road that begins at the Mirador de Sotavento (Sotavento Viewpoint), located on the old road FV-2, which runs from Costa Calma to Morro Jable and runs parallel to the highway . Going down that road, we arrived at a parking area on the beach. From here, choose the beach area that we like, without the crowds.
Between the beach and the cliff is a vegetated area that is perfect for shelter on windy days.


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