10 things to do in Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, where tourism in the Dominican Republic began, continues to be one of the favorite destinations for visitors, this is my 10 things to do in Puerto Plata. Its spectacular and extensive landscape combines sea, mountains, green valleys, rivers and a number of beaches. Its fertile soil gives rise to cocoa and coffee plantations, while beneath the earth, lies the world’s clearest amber.



  1. Isabel de Torres cable car
  2. Brugal rum distillery
  3. Visit the Malecon
  4. Visit San Felipe fortress
  5. Food tour
  6. Cocao tasting
  7. Visit a Damajagua Puddles
  8. Loma Isabel de Torres park
  9. Go to Cayo Paraíso
  10. Made a buggy tour

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San Felipe fortress 
San Felipe fortress



If you are one of those who enjoy eating on your travels, in Puerto Plata you will find a unique destination to discover new dishes and flavors. The Dominican Republic is famous for its tropical fruits, fish, cocoa, coffees and rums. One of them, the legendary Brugal Rum, has its factory located in Puerto Plata. Come and learn about the process of preparation of this famous rum, which is made from sugar cane grown on the island.

Being located on the coast, Puerto Plata serves many fish and seafood dishes. Rice, beans and stewed meat are other popular ingredients in its recipes. Dominican cuisine also stands out for its tasty desserts, one of which is the famous majarete, made from beans with dulce de leche, sugar, and corn cream.

One of the most famous is the Cacao Route in Altamira. A unique opportunity to learn about the plantations and the process of elaboration of this rich product, which you will also be able to taste. Discover more products of this country.


Isabel de Torres cable car
Isabel de Torres cable car



Its historic center is home to a collection of neoclassical and Victorian style buildings and houses dating from the late nineteenth century, as well as beautiful avenues lined with stores, restaurants and bars where you can spend a pleasant time.

Loma Isabel de Torres park, of about 15 km2, is of magnificent natural beauty, which makes it one of the most visited parks in the Dominican Republic. The most attractive, without a doubt, is the hill that crowns it, the Isabel de Torres hill, and the impressive statue of Christ the Redeemer that welcomes visitors with open arms.

The only way to get up here is by the cable car that operates from Puerto Plata. On its way up, it offers beautiful views of the city and its coastline. Once at the top, you can also take a leisurely stroll through its botanical gardens and get to know the biodiversity of its nature. This natural reserve has a multitude of animal and plant species, many of them endemic to the place. Among them are some birds, such as, for example, the palm cigua, the woodpecker or the guaraguao.

One of the most important colonial military structures in the Caribbean converted into a museum, it was built by the Spanish in the 16th century to defend the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. As you tour the fort you will discover the original cannons overlooking the Atlantic, ancient weapons, and numerous hidden chambers.



Christ the Redeemer
Christ the Redeemer



One of the most beautiful waterfront boulevards in the Dominican Republic, with multiple white sand beaches lining the main avenue of the city. Enjoy the breeze, have a sunset drink or walk along the Malecon to Long Beach.

On the other hand, if you travel to Puerto Plata you cannot miss an excursion to Cayo Paraíso, a white sandy promontory 20 minutes by boat from the coast of La Ensenada, which sometimes disappears in the waves of the sea. It is surrounded by coral reefs where hundreds of species of tropical fish live. It is a mecca for divers and an ideal place for those who want to start scuba diving or snorkeling.

Puerto Plata’s biggest attraction offers you a day of hiking through dense forests, passing over bridges and discovering numerous species of flora, before reaching the top of a rocky hill from where you will begin your descent by either jumping or sliding down a series of waterfalls.

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