Tokyo food guide: Japanese food part 1

Let’s start our Japan food section with a mini Tokyo food guide. Who tells you that in Japan you only eat ramen and sushi has not seen much even though ramen is 70% of their gastronomic offer. Tokyo is a city that allows you to try new things, also thanks to extravagant places that are part of their culture. Are you interested in a Guided Tokyo Food Tour? Book here! Or check the Kyoto food guide.

Check my 15 days itinerary in Japan to know everything about my Japanese trip.


Ramen by Japan food park
Ramen by Japan food park

We have been lucky to find the “Japan Food Park” at Hibiya Park from September 19th to 23rd. The country’s largest food festivals with wagyu cuisine, ramen, noodle dishes with a uniquely Japanese evolution; karaage, Japanese fried chicken – a beloved b-grade delicacy; and craft beer, a popular must for any modern foodie.


Shibuya is one of the city’s favorite tourist areas, offering much to visit and above all a lot to try. Want to know more about Shibuya? Read here! Returning to food obviously being such a touristy neighborhood the choice is wide. You want to try some good sushi I leave you two options: Umegaoka Sushi No Midori which is on the 4th floor of the Shibuya Mark City. Great sushi, variety, and the price ok, but there is always a lot of tail.

Another option is always Shibuya Mark City but on the ground floor, I leave the coordinates of google because I can’t find the name. The sushi is very good and is served on a rotating table in the shape of a train. Book here the Shibuya Tour: Street Food and Karaoke.


Kawaii Monster Cafe
Kawaii Monster Cafe

At the end of Takeshita street, you will find one of the most sought after cafes, the Kawaii Monster Cafe.
Kawaii Monster Cafe is a perfect place for children and adults. I advise you to arrive 20min before the opening in order not to queue, or to book (you can choose the best tables). You will pay 500yen plus mandatory consumption per person (I do not recommend hamburgers).

In the part of Shinjuku, we find two places very visited by tourists the first Robot Restaurant. Reservations required for the show or show plus dinner. Entrance Fee per person: 8,500 yen plus Meal 1,500yen (I recommend only show). The second Udon Shin, a restaurant of fresh homemade udon yummy. Generally, you will have to do 1h of the queue to enter or arrive very early.


Shibuya Mark City
Shibuya Mark City


Ginza is the second most famous district of Tokyo, famous for its nightlife, luxury shops and numerous restaurants. If you want something more occidental, like a real brunch, I suggest to you the Egg’n Things.

In this area, there is the famous Tsukiji Market fish market. It is important to point out that only the domestic market has moved to Toyosu. The foreign market and all the restaurants and shops that are nearby from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm. An excellent sushi option is Sushi Hashimoto or Sushi Banya Ginza Honten.


Roast Beef Ōno Akihabara
Roast Beef Ōno Akihabara


The very famous technological district of the city, here you can find excellent options for both lunch and dinner. What you absolutely must try is the Roast Beef Ōno Akihabara, few seats but open from 11 to 20. Here they serve a very good Wagyu dish at only 1500 yen (only cash).

And finally in this area you can find many Maid Cafés, we have not entered (many are only men) but it can be an experience.



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