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Barcelona like many cities in Europe participates in the International Museum Day, which is celebrated in mid-May. We will celebrate the weekend of 18/19 May, an excellent opportunity to visit the city even in the evening because many museums will also open at night, for this reason, is called the “Nit dels Museos”. If you want to know how to reach the Barcelona airport from the airport and vice versa, Read this post!


The International Museum Day is an event coordinated by the International Council of Museums (ICOM). This event highlights a different theme each year and the center of the museum community. Since its creation in 1977, the International Museum Day has gained more and more popularity. Since 2012, 32,000 museums from more than 129 countries participated in the SID by organizing events.


Montjuic Castle
Montjuic Castle


There are many museums that participate in the International Museum Day. In two days you won’t be able to visit them all, and some can be visited for free every first Sunday of the month. Would you like to know more? Read here!

You can find the complete list of museums here. Personally, I recommend you visit only these 5:

  1. Caixaforum (Montjuic): different expos, 5min by walk from Pl. Espanya.
  2. Miró Museum (Montjuic): bus 150 from Pl. Espanya.
  3. Picasso Museum (Gothic): Long queues but it’s worth it.
  4. MNAC (Montjuic): go to the terrace, is really beautiful.
  5. CosmoCaixa (Sarría): perfect for children, a little bit far from the city center.


Casa Vicens
Casa Vicens


At the International Museum Day not only do museums participate but also some of the famous attractions of Barcelona. Unfortunately, however, with a limited number of visitors, you will have to book online:

Pedrera: Sold out, as always the inputs run out in a few minutes. During the visit, you can admire the terrace of one of the most famous Gaudi houses in Barcelona (save € 18)

Palau Guell: Online Booking from 13/05 to 10h. During the visit, (save € 12 ).

Casa Vicens: Sold-out seats, as always the inputs run out in a few minutes (save € 12). The first house of the famous Gaudí open to the public recently, for more info read here!

Talking about Hotels, I am a lover of wine and hotel terraces, and in Barcelona, there is nothing better than going to have a glass of wine after a day’s work. So I decided to write a post about one of my big passion: the best Barcelona hotels with rooftop bars.


Sant Pau Hospital
Sant Pau Hospital


In the International Museum Day, you can visit more than museums, also very famous monuments and tourist spots in the city.

Montjuic Castle: Booking not required, guided tours from 19.30 to 24h, duration 1 hour. From 20 to 23 concerts every hour. Food Trucks from 19 to 1h. To get bus 150 from Pl. Espanya.

Botanic Garden (Montjuic): Reservations not required, guided tours from 21 to 24h. To get bus 55 or 13 from Caixaforum.

Sant Pau Hospital: Reservations not required, from 19 to 1h. Concerts at 7.30pm, 9.00pm and 10.30pm, Metro L5 Sant-Pau.

Santa Maria de Pedralbes Monastir: Reservations not required, guided tours from 19.30 to 22.30h, duration 45min. Metro: L3 Maria Cristina.


Barcelona is a city full of good restaurants and nightlife, it’s hard to be a tourist sometimes so maybe you wanna know where locals have good dinner, taste local cuisine, or simply they go in a secret bar. All these tips we are gonna help you to save money, times and enjoy more your vacation. Read more…!

Did you know that Paris is another city which participates at the International Museum Day? Read here!

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