Alella Vinicola winery tour

Only 15km from Barcelona we find the DO Alella, a small DO (Denominación de Origen) made up of a few wineries including Alella Vinicola. Modernist winery designed in 1906 by Jeroni Martorell. Under the brand MARFIL, they have marketed the famous white wines around the world, with great international recognition. In 1998, a new stage of investment began, replanting of vines, new wines, and modern marketing.


 Alella Vinicola
Alella Vinicola


  • The winery was founded in 1906
  • The plants are all post phylloxera
  • More than 80,000 bottles are produced per year
  • The only grape that you can find in Alella is the Pansa Blanca, they used to make Marfil wine. I suggest you try it, it’s very good.


Alella Vinicola factory
Alella Vinicola factory


To visit the Marfil winery, you have a wide selection of tours, for example:

Tour of the vineyard + wine tasting = they offer you the possibility of being part of the winemaking processes: from the vineyard to the bottle. They will know one of the few “urban vines” in Europe located 20 km from Barcelona. Price 15€, duration 2h, tasting 3 wines.  

Make your own wine = If you are a large group that you want to have a good time playing with wines, this is your activity. You will decide what wine you want to take home and you will be the creators of it. 

The wine tour = is a cultural itinerary that offers the possibility of taking a tour of the Maresme wine history, from Roman times, passing through the Archeological Center of Vallmora. Price 9.5€, duration 2h50, tasting 3 wines.

Mediterranean Tasting = enjoying an ivory wine tasting accompanied by a pairing appetizer (by boat). Stroll through the mountain vineyards, visit our modernist winery and finish a meal in our restaurant “La Vinicola”!




We have chosen to visit the shop with tour + wine tasting, price 12 €, duration 1h30, tasting 3 wines. The tour starts at the entrance of the cellar where the guide will explain the history of Alella Vinicola and the area. Alella is a very small appellation of origin, only 7 wineries are part of it.

After a tour of the winemaking and bottling part, we move on to the tasting area. The wine tasting is done in feet and normally includes 3 classic wines from the cellar. The first is a Pansa Blanca wine and the second a rose (Marfil) and ends with red wine (Ivori). I particularly enjoyed the first and third wine.

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