Trip planner

Hi Travelers!

I’ve already told you something about me, you know that I usually travel 4/5 times per year, but maybe you’ve missed the part of the trip planner. I’ve been in 24 countries, 173 cities visited. I organize by myself all my travels from the beginning to the end of it.


My trip planner organization services include:

    • Define complete itineraries.
    • Find the accommodation that best suits your needs and at the best price.
    • Best flight offers.
    • The best offers to rent a car.
    • I recommend the best means of transport throughout the journey.
    • Other useful tips.

When everything is ready, I send you a detailed program with all the bookings we recommend you make. I will make a  (free) and you will decide.


We will do all the research for you (flights, hotels, car hire, etc. ..), but I will not book anything, I will tell you what I have found so that you can book everything.

So, how can I help you? 🙂

I think that a good trip it’s depends on the budget that we have (I’m always low-budget on) and our travel company. People who travel with me, love to follow me and the let it go themselves, but I’m a flexible person too, sometimes you have to lose a battle to win the war. 😛 

I’m not a planes lover, so normally study how to reach my destination with another way of transports, but planes are normally cheaper than trains. I love practical things, information, transports, hotels everything that can make my travel more comfortable without spending too much.

Remember! The articles in this blog are always written by me and are based on my own experience. The objective is to give readers very practical, direct and “chewed” information so they can prepare their trip independently and with as much information as possible. Follow me on FacebookTwitterInstagramPinterest.