5 things you need to taste in San Francisco

Since my trip to California, one of the best memories has remained the food, so I decided to write about 5 things you need to taste in San Francisco. We know that American cuisine does not stand out for its creativity, however for its taste and quantity. I always want to try new things, once I have booked the hotel and the flight, I start looking for restaurants to try. This time wasn’t necessary, thanks to my friends from San Francisco.


  1. Taqueria Cancun, Mission District
  2. Boudin Bakery, Fisherman’s Wharf
  3. Plow, Dogpatch
  4. Smitten Ice Cream
  5. Chloe’s Cafe, Noe Valley


Taqueria Cancun
Taqueria Cancun


California is so close to Mexico, there is a strong influence on his cuisine. San Francisco is full of Mexican restaurants, taquerias and burritos places. Among the many, I chose the Taqueria Cancun, and I can tell you without a doubt that it is the best burrito I’ve ever tried in my life. This Taqueria is located in Mission District, 2288 Mission St. I advise you to order a single burrito, they are very large and fill a lot. My favorite is prawns, black beans, avocado, and spicy sauce, starting at 9USD.


Clam chowder soup, Boudin Bakery
Clam chowder soup, Boudin Bakery


Boudin Bakery does not need advertising, it is one of the most popular restaurants in Fisherman’s Wharf. The reason is his clam chowder soup, served inside the bread (made by them). Price starting at 9USD, it is located on 160 Jefferson Street. The soup is very good and can also be an excellent gift to give as they sell 6USD/can.

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Brunch by the Plow
Brunch by the Plow


Get ready for the queue during brunch hours, it’s one of the restaurants of the moment. The brunch is really very good and varied, sweet, salty or mixed. Prices starting 25USD, it is not possible to book and is located in 1299 18th St. When paying will bring you an empty tip for the tip, read here my advice on how to fill it. During the queue maybe you can try the famous Farley’s coffee, the matcha one is my favorite.


Smitten Ice Cream
Smitten Ice Cream


If you like ice cream you must try the Smitten Ice Cream, an ice cream made at the moment with nitrogen. The ice cream is delicious and I know how to make them! There are few flavors to try but they are all special and good. There are various Smitten Ice Cream scattered around San Francisco, they do not have table service. Average price 6USD.

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Pecan pancakes by Cloe's
Pecan pancakes by Chloe’s


Chloe’s Cafe is another good option for a good brunch. You do not have to make as much tail as the Plow and are faster in serving. I recommend you try their pecan pancakes, they are delicious. Average price 22USD, located 1399 Church St and closes all days at 15.



That’s all, if you want to know something about on my last trip, go to the California section or check The 5 most beautiful murals of San Francisco. Or maybe are you going to New York?


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