Rethymno: discover the old Crete

The city of Rethymno is located in the center of Crete, between the cities of Chania and Heraklion. It is the third-largest town on the island of Crete and delights with its medieval architecture and Venetian and Turkish vestiges. Rethymno occupies a wide, shallow bay and has a beautiful beach right in the center.


The Rimondi Fountain
The Rimondi Fountain

In 1646, Rethymno was occupied by the Turks, an occupation that lasted 250 years, despite numerous acts of resistance by the Cretan population, who won their freedom in the early 20th century.

As a result of these occupations, the old quarter retains its Venetian and Turkish flavor, with architecture that reflects the different periods through which the town has passed.


  • The harbor area is the liveliest part of the town, thanks to the tourist development that Rethymno has experienced in recent years.
  • The Venetian fortress is one of the largest constructions of its kind. It was erected in 1573, occupying a cape above the city. It has four bastions and three gates, and within its walls is the Ibrahim Han Mosque, which was originally the Venetian Cathedral.


Neraztes Mosque
Neraztes Mosque
  • The 17th-century minaret of the Neraztes Mosque in the old town of Rethymno stands out. It has been restored and is now a music institute.
  • The Rimondi Fountain was built in 1626 by one of the noble families of Rethymnon to replace an earlier, simpler fountain. Both Turks and Venetians created numerous public fountains in Crete.
  • This is the only surviving remnant of the Venetian wall of Rethymno: a stone gate linking the old town with the modern part of the city. The other gates were dismantled to allow access for cars.


The Venetian fortress
The Venetian fortress


The Pepi boutique is located in the heart of the old Venetian town of Rethymno. The location is ideal as for Pepi Boutique Hotel is positioned 10 minutes away from the town’s unique sandy beach as well as within a minute walking distance from the commercial area, the museums, and the numerous cafes, restaurants and nightlife. The hotel offers easy access to the beach, an outdoor swimming pool with sunbeds and showers.


Pepi boutique
Pepi boutique


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  • South Beaches: from Rethymno is pretty easy to visit some very famous beaches like Preveli and Kalipso beach.


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