Monferrato day trip: wine and views

After being in Langhe several time, this time we decide to visit Monferrato, an area where the Barbera grape variety is grown. We suggest three varieties of this excellent wine: Barbera D’Alba DOC, Barbera D’Asti DOCG Superiore and Barbera DOC Piemonte. Good gastronomy, great views, very quite place to relax.

Monferrato area is located between Turin and Milan, so you can reach this place from both of them places. It will be better rent a car for that, will be easier to stop, specially if you a looking for some sunflowers fields.


sunflowers fields
sunflowers fields


Whether we like the world of wine or just its history, it is highly recommended to visit some of the private cellars dug under the houses of the villages of Monferrato degli Infernot. Is only open on the occasion of local festivals; or the so-called Wine Cathedrals of Canelli, real jewels underground with huge galleries where the sparkling wines of Asti are aged.

The Monferrato of the infernot is a portion of the Monferrato territory characterized by a particular concentration of the unique and valuable type of architecture characterized by rooms dug into the Pietra da Cantoni.


Castle of Uviglie
Castle of Uviglie

The Castle of Uviglie, which dominates the Casalese Monferrato and the Ghenza Valley, is surrounded by nature and set in a beautiful park. It is possible to visit the castle, learn about its fascinating history and visit its wine cellars. At the end of the visit, you can taste homemade wines accompanied by tasty cured meats, an unmissable treat for lovers of good food! Check the opening table before to go!

Another necessary experience is to visit the Ethnographic Museum of Bersano in Nizza Monferrato, with a truly amazing collection of tools from the agricultural world; and of course to accompany it with the magnificent wines offered in tastings.

Visit Casale Monferrato: The bishop of Asti, St. Evasio, Christianized the small community of Casale di Monferrato, which was renamed Casale di Sant’Evasio. On an artistic level Casale di Monferrato had Baroque and French influences, still visible in numerous monuments of the city. Check out more castles in Langhe!


Casale Monferrato
Casale Monferrato


The project of the artist Chris Bangle, known as Big Bench, added another reason to complete the route through Le Langhe and Roero, installing giant benches on some of the hills with the best views. His outdoor works of art are internationally known and have become an icon of the territory that has allowed to promote the goodness of the villages where they have been placed. With the added objective of working with local artists, the profits of the non-profit organization are used to support local communities that promote projects for the revitalization of the territory.



Each year new benches are placed (the first was placed in 2010 in Clavesana where the American artist lives) thanks to the success among the public and the support of the administrations that with this wink have seen increased tourism in the upper Langhe.

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