Luxembourg card: how to use it

The capital of Luxembourg? How many times have we answered this question correctly? Today we discover Luxembourg, and we discuss some details about the Luxembourg card. Founding member of the European Union, he is the only grand duchy left in the world. Is located between Belgium, France, and Germany and they speak 3 official languages, Luxembourgish, French, and German. The banking sector is the largest sector of the Luxembourg economy, in fact, the cost of living is very high.


Luxembourg view
Luxembourg view


It is a medium-sized city, surrounded by Belgium, France, and Germany It has an airport (LUX) only 9 km from the city center, easily accessible by line 16 which leaves every 10 minutes from terminal A (price € 2). Connections by train or bus from Brussels starting from € 10, from Strasbourg, starting from € 12 and from Frankfurt starting from € 20.

Getting around the city is very easy if you have bought the Luxembourg card all public transport is included in the price. On the contrary, during the weekends of December, the city offers free public transport, including line 16 for the airport.




The Luxembourg card offers various advantages and a little price, we are pressure advantages:

  1. Public transport, including the airport bus line
  2. You can buy it at the train station, your hotel etc.
  3. Includes Casemates with the archaeological crypt (close in winter)
  4. Guided city walk is included
  5. Free entry to the city’s 7 most famous museum (including the Dräi Eechelen Museum)
Individual card (1 person) Family card (2-5 persons)
1 day 13 € 28 €
2 days 20 € 48 €
3 days 28 € 68 €

So is the Luxembourg card convenient? Yes, it is, if you buy the card for 1 or 2 days. Sincerely I do not recommend it for more than 2 days.


Dräi Eechelen Museum
Dräi Eechelen Museum


Very expensive, as you book in advance you can not see low prices. The average price is € 45 per night per person, € 55 if you want breakfast included. If you are a group of friends, the option is always cheaper. For a couple it is better a hotel, there are very few hostels and the price isn’t so cheap.

I choose the Empire hotel at € 190 per night with breakfast, the hotel is right in front of the train station. The breakfast offers everything (sweet and salad) and is convenient comparing the price of outside bars.


Personally, the best time to visit Luxembourg is Christmas. The city is transformed with 3 Christmas markets in the center that illuminate the city. Christmas season starts from 23 November until 6 January, here you can find all the info here.

The Christmas markets are also a good choice for money on the price of 60 €. Try a typical fondue in any restaurant can cost about € 30 per person without drinks. For this, I recommend typical dishes for less than € 5 per serving with hot wine or good beer.


Christmas time in Luxembourg
Christmas time in Luxembourg

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