Top 5 best views in London

How many times have we been to London and haven’t seen it from above? Today we talk about the Top 5 best views in London. A beautiful city from the bottom up but above all from the top down. In my top 5, I chose some of London’s biggest attractions, but also free admission.


Metro: Waterloo
Admission: approx 32€ book here
Opening times: Every day from 10 am to 9:30 pm (8.30 pm in the winter season). 


London Eye
London Eye


From its highest point of the London Eye, you’ll admire the whole of London. You’ll see how the River Thames winds its way across the city and spot other attractions such as the impressive Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminster, Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Tower Bridge and St Paul’s Cathedral all from 135 meters up. I think the price is too high for the view, but I recommended one time in your life.

SKY GARDEN (free entry)

Metro: Monument station
Admission: free entry only by reservation
Opening times: Open 7 days a week, from early till late.

One of the best views of the city, from the Sky Garden you can see the Sharp also. So cool the lasts year thanks to the fact that it is free. Known as Walkie Talkie for its shape, this skyscraper has a top-floor restaurant. The decoration of the restaurant bar is very pleasant precisely because of always being in a garden. My advice is to book your ticket well in advance and at a sunset time so you can enjoy the view even in the evening.


 Sky Garden
Sky Garden


Metro: London Bridge 
Admission: approx 30€ book here
Opening times: Thursday – Saturday: 10 am to 10 pm (access until 8:30 pm).

As you know The Sharp is Europe’s tallest skyscraper, standing 1,016 ft (309.6 meters) high. Only 72 floors habitable (for 87 total), The observation deck is known as “The View” and has become, along with the London Eye, one of the best places to see the city’s skyline. 


The Sharp
The Sharp


Metro: DRL line
Admission: metro ticket
Opening times: always 

Canary Wharf is one of the main financial centers of the United Kingdom and the world, containing many of its tallest buildings, including the second-tallest in the UK, One Canada Square. Maybe you didn’t know the name of this area came from the large dogs found there by the Spanish (Gran Canaria from Canine) and as it is located on the Isle of Dogs.

I suggest taking the DRL line and passing through Canary from the high, the view is spectacular. 


Greenwich Observatory
Greenwich Observatory


Metro: Greenwich station or Ferry 
Admission: the admission at the park is free
Opening times: 24h open 

So much history in this place, Greenwich observatory is an observatory situated on a hill in Greenwich Park, overlooking the River Thames. It played a major role in the history of astronomy and navigation, and because the prime meridian passes through it, it gave its name to Greenwich Mean Time

Nowadays you can visit the observatory and the park, which is very beautiful and the view is amazing. 



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