Carretera del Vi: taste the DO Penédes

The Carretera del Vi is the first Wine Road in Spain, a private and joint initiative of the 13 wineries of the route, with the support of the 7 municipalities of Catalonia. It is a territory that provides a wine of quality with a Designation of Origin (DO) that offers an inviting and captivating experience. A great project for wine lovers and to know the good wine that this area offers. Each winery offers the possibility to do interesting pairings with good prices. Most of the wineries are around Vilafranca del Penedes a pretty small town.


Torre del Verguer
Torre del Veguer


The Carretera del Vi is an Eno-touristic proposal that allows wine lovers to discover the old route of the DO Penedès. Is the first initiative of the 13 wineries of the route, with the support of the 7 municipalities. La Carretera del Vi consisting mainly of these 13 cellars of different sizes and styles and other points of tourist interest. Through castles and traditional architecture of the territory, all of which are complemented by a wide cultural proposal and varied gastronomy.


There is a printed passport of La Carretera del Vi to enjoy the route plenty. With it (its price is 3€), the wine-tourists receive preferential treatment during the visits to the wineries. Moreover, once visited 6 wineries, you will be received a 6 wine bottle box (one for each winery). If the wine-tourist goes over all the route (the 6 left), has another box of 6 bottles. Each winery validates the passport with its own seal. The printed passport is valid for max 2 people.



View of Vilafranca
View of Vilafranca


In the last years, the area has tried to attract as many visitors as possible and to raise awareness of the Enotourism of this region that offers a quality equal to regions such as Rioja, creating a tourist plan called the “Carretera del vi“.

Is a joint project launched by 13 wineries located along the route and is supported by the seven countries through which it winds, joining in boosting this innovative project all over the world.


Cellers Torres
Celler Torres


Torre del Veguer 14 Morning YES online booking
Puig Batet
Rovellats 12 Morning NO online booking
Parés Baltà 35 Morning YES online booking
Cava & Hotel MasTinell 14 Morning NO web page
Hospital de Sitges 15 Morning YES
The Xamada
the web page is broken
Torreblanca 15 Morning YES
Mas Bertran 7 Morning NO online booking
Cellers Torres 21 Morning YES online booking
Colet Clàssic Penedès
Finca Viladellops 25 Morning NO online booking
Bodegues Pinord 21 Morning YES online booking


Cava & Hotel Mastinell
Cava & Hotel Mastinell


if you want to sleep in Vilafranca city you can take a look at, or if you have a romantic date to celebrate I suggest the Cava & Hotel Mastinell. It depends on the season isn’t expensive sleep in the area, you always stay in Barcelona and visit the wineries by day.

MAPS OF WINERIES (Penedes & La Rioja)

Have you enjoyed this post? I hope so Travelers. And you want to know more about Catalonia. Are you a huge wine lover?? Maybe are you interested to visit La Rioja?


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