Cvne Winery tour: la Rioja road trip

My Rioja vineyards tour continues with the Cvne Winery tour, located in the train station area of Haro (Rioja Alta). The “Compañía Vinícola del Norte de España (CVNE)”  is a family winery that was founded in 1879, one of the first one in Haro. This year the winery celebrates 140 years of life. Five generations of the same family that have run the company. 

About the name, It is curious that the name of this wine was originally CVNE, but by a spelling mistake, it was printed with a ‘U’ instead of a ‘V’, so print in the bottle you can see Cune.

This is a trip I have been organizing for some time and counting with one of the most important wineries makes it even more interesting. Do you want to know how to organize the Rioja vineyards tour? Read here!


Eiffel ship
Eiffel ship


Cvne is famous for been a pioneer in the wine business, in 1940 it was a pioneer with the construction of the first fermentation ship in SpainTo know all the history of Cvne read here, they have a lot of history. The following wines are produced at Cvne: Cune, Imperial, Real de Asúa, Monopole, and Corona. They organize 3 different kinds of visit for you:

The Cellar Tour: guided tour and taste of 2 of their wines (approx 90 min). Price: 15€, available in Spanish, English, and French.

The IMPERIAL Tour: a guided tour through the oldest facilities, where we still produce Imperial, and wine tasting of Imperial Reserva and Gran Reserva with local appetizers (Regional Cheese from Cameros and hand-cut Ham). Price: 25€. I think this is the best one. 

Introducing to wine tasting: guided tour of the winery and a tasting of 4 wines by an expert. Wines: white, rosé, Crianza and Reserva. Accompanied by local and traditional appetizers. Price: 20€.


The Cemetery
The Cemetery


The visit lasts about 90 minutes, during the tour the guide will give you any information about the winery, in 140 many things have happened. You will visit all the most important places for the production of wine Cvne. During the tour, you can visit the Eiffel ship, work of the study of the famous engineer Gustave Eiffel where they keep casks.

I must admit what I liked the most was The Cemetery, where the oldest bottles are. Can you imagine an 1879 bottle of wine? The most expensive bottle can cost more than 4000€, they normally sell this kind of bottle by auctions. The wine tasting part is quite simple, if you buy The Cellar Tour, you will try 2 Cvne wines, one white and one red, accompanied by breadsticks. 

100 points for those who decide to visit the Cvne winery is the playroom for children, which allows parents to try the wine very quietly. They can run, play, paint and try grape juice accompanied by the cellar staff. It is an important aspect that not all wineries consider, very often children get bored, they need to be stimulated too.


The Cellar Tour
The Cellar Tour


Haro is a perfect village to stop and eat something, I suggest you book in advance especially on weekends. Haro is a small but pretty village, around the train station you can see a lot of wineries because at the beginning was the easiest transport for the wine. 

Organizing a trip through La Rioja vineyards is amazing and visit Laguardia much more. A little city located just 25km from Cvne winery. Here we are in the Basque country however the wine is called Rioja. Its streets and corners preserve a great medieval flavor and its economy is based on the wine industry, don’t miss it.


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