3 days in Mykonos: Tips and guide

One of the most fashionable Greek islands, famous for its sunsets, nightlife, crystal clear beaches and its prices are not too accessible. 3 days in Mykonos are more than enough to see all that the island offers, it is arid and surrounded by magnificent beaches. It owes its fame to the beauty of its capital, Chora, to its white houses of narrow and intimate passages, as well as to its numerous beaches of great quality. It is a very visited island, with a very accentuated and crazy nightlife.

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City Center
City Center


Getting to Mykonos is fairly simple, by air or by ferry. If you arrive from Athens there are several companies that make this flight like Ryanair. There is also the ferry option, but the cost is the same unless you choose the ferry that takes 7 hours, which I advise against.
If you’re coming from another island, unless it’s Santorini, you’ll have fewer options by plane. In this case, do not worry you have your choice of one of the Greek ferry companies. I arriving from Milos I chose Hellenic, very cheap but very slow, 8h / 20 €.




I advise you not to rent a car or moto unless you are a group of 4/5 people. Driving back from a slightly sober nightclub can be expensive (police meaning), especially because many streets are not illuminated.

The island offers a network of buses covering 70% of the beaches. The buses circulate both day and night price per ticket 2 or 3 € depending on your destination. You can buy tickets directly on the bus or at the station.

The main bus stations are: near the port (the private and the little one) and Fabrika (at the end of the city center). From here depart buses that go to different beaches. At the top of the bus, you will always find the name of the beach or the stops it makes.


Mykonos town



Chora =  its white houses of narrow and intimate passages
Windmills = to admire the sunset bring a beer
Platis Gialos
Agios Stefanos
Elia beach
Paradise beach = stop in the evening and enjoy the Tropicana nightclub
Kalafatis Beach
Panormos Beach = in my opinion, the best
Super Paradise
South Coast Cruise, book here!
Mykonos Panoramic Tour, book here!


Mykonos is an affordable island, you will find from the street food to the average restaurant to the very expensive one.

Joanna’s Nikos Place = If you really want to eat something typical at a good price, I always suggest you book.

Kastro’s = for something romantic or just a glass of wine.

Captain’s = Eating in the center at a good price, but a little touristy.

TIPS TIME !! Many beaches simply have a bar or restaurant, sometimes not even that. So not to risk always bring sandwiches if you want to stay all day out.

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